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Pocket PC Keyboards

Pocket PC Keyboard for Cold Offices
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Our office is particular cold and on some days I'm reluctant to take my hands out of my pockets for fear of frostbite. A normal sized keyboard could be replaced by two smaller left/right keyboards that could fit into your pocket allowing warm and comfy pc control in the bitterest weather.

Mouse pointer control could be instigated using an under-chin strapped roller-ball with compression detection. This would enable the operator to keep their neck warm too.

martynwyatt, Dec 16 2003

Alternative Solution http://www.cheapest...office-heaters.html
probably cheaper too [dobtabulous, Oct 04 2004]

What's with all these cold offices? http://www.halfbake...a/heaTed_20keyboard
I think you should all have a word with the office manager... [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]

USB 'Keiboard' http://www.mevael.co.jp/item.html
(Link is in Japanese.) This firm just started manufacturing a keyboard which you use like a cellphone (sms dial-keying). I only mention it because it is approximately pocket sized. [Soterios, Oct 04 2004]

fingerless gloves http://www.amazon.c...detail/-/B0000A2M3V
although I haven't tried these before [rhatta, Oct 04 2004]


       I can imagine how people in my office would react if they saw me standing in the office wriggling my hands around in my pockets and jerking my chin about!   

       You forgot to mention the magic word bluetooth which is always worth a bun or bone or two.
dobtabulous, Dec 16 2003

       Insert "Where would you put the cursor keys/numeric keypad/End key?" joke here.
kropotkin, Dec 16 2003

       Get a flexible hose, about 3 inch diameter. Connect it to the exhaust fan of the computer power supply and have it blow in the keyboard. You won't want to take your hands off the keyboard any more.   

       [dobtabulous], office heaters may be the rage in England, but in an energy contentious country like the US they are forbidden in most offices.
kbecker, Dec 16 2003


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