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Live 360° VR Booth

with a hemisherical dome.
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This will let you enjoy screnery of Hawaii while being in Boston in Winter.

This booth will be a sound proof hemispherical dome, of around 6 meter diameter, made of milky white material used as a screen for 15-20 projectors. Viewer will sit inside the booth at the center on rotating chair. Projectors (from outside of the hemisphere) will project live (sent through internet) HD imagery of a small section of the scene at Hawaii. These 15-20 sections will seamless fit together. 3D sound will be reproduced inside dome. Wind conditions with proper temperature will be reproduced using small blowers and heat pumps.

This could be a new way to watch TV.

VJW, Jul 11 2011

360° Camera http://www.stupidvi.../360_Degree_Camera/
[Klaatu, Jul 11 2011]


       sp: Hawaii
Klaatu, Jul 11 2011

VJW, Jul 11 2011

       There was one of these at the World's Fair when I was a kid. Except for the chair...we had to hold onto railings whilst standing up because you felt like you were going to fall when the scene went around corners, etc.
xandram, Jul 11 2011

       ooh ooh ooh ! Zorb VR booth on stationary rollers.
FlyingToaster, Jul 11 2011

       Does it come with Smell-O-Vision? Or Feel-Around?   

Alterother, Jul 11 2011

       More interesting to be someplace that is difficult to get this perspective from - the bottom of the sea, say, of some deep underground cavern, or an active volcano.
DrCurry, Jul 12 2011

       Soooo... we all get a VR idea? It's in the price of admission, I get it.... Hahah. Joke's on me, love you guys...
daseva, Jul 13 2011


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