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Museum of Recalled Products

Goodbye MoMA. Hello MoRP.
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Founded in 2010, the Museum of Recalled Products is dedicated to being the world's foremost museum for preserving this unique aspect of our consumer culture heritage. Upon entering the museum, step to the left and enter the Hall of Things that Unexpectedly Explode. Notice the circles painted on the floor, illustrating the blast radii of various recalled devices. Next, step into the Hall of Recalled Children's Toys, made possible by a generous donation from halfbaker 8th of 7*. Be amazed at the sharp-edged, lead-painted, choking hazards that were formerly on the shelves of retail stores. Then continue on through the museum, visiting the Automotive Recalls Room and various other exhibits. Before heading home, be sure to stop by the snack bar for a food-recall-themed bite. On Thursdays, receive 20% off a lunch box featuring a listeria hamburger, salmonella salad, and a carton of melamine milk.

* Unfortunately, due to state law, we had to ignore 8th's request that children be allowed to play with the toys.

swimswim, Apr 27 2010

Ronco http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ronco
What a company. [8th of 7, Apr 30 2010]


       + why yes!!! what happened, did all the annos get recalled?? I had to leave one for a great idea!
xandram, Apr 29 2010

       This must be built!.. and then expanded for the Toyota wing.   

       Watch out for the Pintos.
RayfordSteele, Apr 29 2010

       //Watch out for the Pintos.//
See the snack shop where Ford's greatest flop is memorialized in a flaming pinto bean burrito.
swimswim, Apr 30 2010

       I'm all for museums of everything +
xenzag, Apr 30 2010

       novel ideal, Just watched out for the recalled pool diving sticks... they were recalled for getting stuck in people's rectums...
metarinka, Apr 30 2010


       Will there be a gallery for "Stuff that should have been recalled, but wasn't" ?   

       Maybe it could be called the Ronco Gallery...   


       Have the Board indicated how they might vote on our Alternative Petting Zoo proposal yet ? Some of the exhibits can only survive a limited time without being fed...   

8th of 7, Apr 30 2010

       //Have the Board indicated how they might vote on our Alternative Petting Zoo proposal yet ?//
Although the Board compliments you on your ability to get the crocodile to wear a bunny costume, they again feel bound by state regulations and must decline.
swimswim, May 03 2010

       And the Adventure Playground proposal ?
8th of 7, May 03 2010

       //And the Adventure Playground proposal ?//
I regret to inform you that the Board has asked to have your "Adventure Playground" sign removed from the electrical substation. But they do thank you for your enthusiastic support.
swimswim, May 03 2010

       Easy [+].
awesomest, May 03 2010

       Very very funny and, I think, bakeable.  +  Maybe 8th of 7 would settle for a macabre wax museum in the children recall area.  (Thinks further).  Wax victims in all departments might multiply the draw of the whole museum and underscore the importance of product safety. (swimswim and 8th of 7 are fun).   

       Q-Tips before they were forced to put that cotton on the ends?
Mustardface, May 04 2010

       Maybe the Museum could also host an annual Darwin Awards presentation.
8th of 7, May 04 2010

       Why not sample a bottle of heroin, the Bayer Pharmaceutical Company's ill fated cough medicine for children.
Bad Jim, May 04 2010


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