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Museum Of Popular and Arcane Clichés

have the time of your life
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On entering the Museum Of Clichés the first exhibit is the stamping mechanism that validates your ticket. Here we are greeted by a heavy mechanical dog, who's entire body is wagged up and down by its fixed tail. Its nostrils bash a suitable mark unto the entry receipt.

Venturing further in reveals a vast corridor of cabinets, each one housing a physical manifestation of one of those well known clichés in common usage, along with an archive of the ones that have dropped out of popular parlance.

These are organised into categories, like time, where we see (for example) a collection of clocks and watches, each with a sliver sliced out of them, supplemented by a magnifying glass poised over the gap to see what's actually there. Other clocks have the figure "9" firmly sewn in place.

Billowing clouds flutter overhead sparking with silver interiors as we progress towards the food counter. Umbrellas protect the visitors from a constant deluge of falling cats and dogs, which bounce off harmlessly and safely into the multiple arms of Jesus. (there is of course a religious cliché annex)

On reaching the food sector we find a fine selection of edible hats are available, fortified by a range of all types of food fashioned into perfect little squares. Dripping milk mingles with pointless tears, the sound being punctuated by the dog who barks at the tree devoid of the sausages hanging within each reach on the one beside it.

Suitably nourished, we can hope that there is no need to make use of the gut wrench hanging up beside the perpetually shivering spine exhibit. With large and obvious writing on the wall to direct us, we continue past the reciprocating elbows, lubricated by jars of grease, to reach the medicine chest where the various bottles and potions are festooned with the best of jokes and clownish figures.

The Museum is vast and the collection is comprehensive, so we will make a potentially very long story short.

We cannot describe all of its exhibits without creating a very long list.
As we leave, we join a line of Elvis look-a-likes, crossing the bridge as we come to it.

xenzag, Nov 11 2017

Not to be confused with... Metaphor_20Actualisation_20Agency
[hippo, Nov 11 2017]

To be put on the top shelf Overused_20Metaphor_20Thesaurus
[theircompetitor, Nov 11 2017]


       I take my hat off to you - pineapple flavoured!!!
Treejuice, Nov 11 2017

       The museum is right next to a creek full of poo.

(sp. "arcane")
hippo, Nov 11 2017

       Of course. .... Pesky ipad
xenzag, Nov 11 2017

       And, on pulling away from the museum and seeing it from a distance, you finally notice that the building housing it is shaped like an enormous lead balloon.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 11 2017

       ....then you realise as you run into the back of track beater traveling just ahead of you that you were actually asleep, your head resting on the pillow shaped steering wheel. You fall out of the bed, landing heavily on the opposite side to the one where you started. "Dream on", the section is labelled. You can see Tipperary in the distance, but it's a long way off, and you know there are many circles to wander, but you might just get there in the end.
xenzag, Nov 12 2017


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