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Music Search engine

Search engine like "name that tune" concept
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A person could upload a midi file with as many notes as they can remember and the search engine would return information on compositions similar to that tune. With some voice recognition, one could hum or sing what they knew of the lyrics and the search engine could work from that. In order for the search engine to adjust its settings to the person's pitch, one could sing their rendition of a common song i.e. Happy Birthday and the engine would learn that person.
dkma2, Aug 24 2003

Melodyhound http://name-this-tune.com/
Sing in song, or notate using "Parson's Code". [Cedar Park, Oct 17 2004]


       Not a bad idea.
sartep, Aug 24 2003

       Except that you would need a database of many many songs in MIDI format which might be hard to track down more than just pop tunes and classical music. Technically, MIDI versions of copyrighted songs are not public domain so you would have to pay licensing for all those songs. It would be cool, but I think there would be some really big hurdles to overcome...
DeathNinja, Aug 24 2003

       Baked. [link]   

       [DN]: If all you want is the song title, you won't infringe on the copyright. MIDI file format isn't necessary. Most songs can be differentiated by the relative pitch of notes in the melody, ie. (note) (up) (down) (down)....
Cedar Park, Aug 24 2003

       Ok, not a bad baked idea.
sartep, Aug 24 2003


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