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whistle search engine

Search engine where you whistle the song
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A songs search engine where you whistle the melody to the microphone.

A disambiguation phase filters your query if the whistling is not very good. The canonical melodies played to make the disambiguation are whistled by professional janitors.

giro sintornillo, Aug 11 2008

Halfbakery: The Hum Dinger The_20Hum_20Dinger
mentions whistling as an alternative [jutta, Aug 11 2008]


       We have often thought that something like this would be useful.
8th of 7, Aug 11 2008

       Mostly baked by Verizon, who has a service where you push a button on your phone and it listens to the music and offers to sell you it thru their music service.
MisterQED, Aug 12 2008

       If whistling is required, particularly when //disambiguation are whistled by professional janitors//; would the search be unfairly biased toward the songs of the scantily clad females?
CwP, Aug 13 2008

Voice, Aug 14 2008


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