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Music on hold

Music to ease your wait.
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Why don't applications that demand you wait (like an antivirus scan of the PC) also include some music to tide you over.

For that matter, an application to play some favorate track/s when your "hourglass mouse" appears would also be keen.

Perhaps this feature could be worked into the soundcard to prevent bogging down the CPU.

andrewkorbel, Mar 18 2005


       hmm. perhaps instead of investing in a new sound card, you should spend the $50 on some more RAM.
neilp, Mar 19 2005

       I like this, but must add that Microsoft's Media Player looks suspiciously like the source of a lot of threats to your computer. Hades, there were it seemed 15 updates to fix holes in it when I was looking for updates.   

       If Microsoft could come up with something as catchy as Jeapordy's deal, that'd be just awesome
Zimmy, Mar 19 2005

       perhaps a 'wireless' radio could be used for entertainment.
neilp, Mar 19 2005


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