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Musical Bubble Wrap

I suppose it could be in the percussion section
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Different sizes of bubble and different local thicknesses of plastic make a sheet or strip of bubble wrap that one can pop to play a song. The strip would be for musically challenged people -- just pop the bubbles in linear order.
the porpoise, Sep 22 2015

Bugle Wrap Bugle_20Wrap
[xenzag, Sep 22 2015]

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       I'm picturing "The Blue Danube". It's the right tempo and has a very recognizable melody.
doctorremulac3, Sep 22 2015

       I think "Popcorn" (search for "Popcorn" by Hot Butter if you can't remember what it sounds like) would sound good played on bubblewrap.
hippo, Sep 22 2015

       Redundant - see link.
xenzag, Sep 22 2015

       [xz]: nice! Now all we need is a strings section.
the porpoise, Sep 22 2015


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