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Musical potato

Drone-based positional network musical mapping tool
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This is a fleet of drone sensors that invade a body, cover the space inside and communicate out their relative positions. This data can then be mapped onto musical chord progressions and melodies that make sense with the relative movement.

I came up with this while winging around a 3d print of a potato- shaped asteroid and thinking music in time to the gestures I was using winging it around. An actual potato might be a good environment to prototype a system like this but it could be developed for non plant systems too.

JesusHChrist, Sep 23 2015

Flock of Birds https://www.shef.ac...t/hardware/tracking
[pertinax, Sep 27 2015]


       This excellent apart from the bits about potatoes, drones, bodies and music.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 23 2015

       Paradoxically, it makes sense apart from the phrase "make sense".   

       Of course, you could bypass the invasive-drone part, and just plug your "make sense" magic software into the output from a flock of birds (see link).
pertinax, Sep 27 2015

       Wouldn't the nodes produce a wider symphony if the body was more flexible and topologically changeable? I am assuming that the sensors have to connect through the material and that spaces break the magic.
wjt, Sep 29 2015


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