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pavement piano

Pavement that you play a tune on as you skip in to work
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The called "Music While You Walk"

The idea is to install a set of pressure sensitive pads to a designated strip of busy pavement that then transmits the signals via a synthesizer to a loud speaker/broadcast system, when the pavement is stepped on.

Individual paving slabs would be ascribed with all of the notes of a piano, but there would be other slabs allocated to precussion, and extra instruments. Folk on their way to and from work could either emulate the chaos of a work by Carl Stockhausen, or co-operate to orchestrate a more melodic piece of music, appropriate to the prevailing mood. Choreographed dance steps could be included, and in time a booking system would evolve for emerging concerts.

xenzag, Nov 02 2005

Well, sort of. It's a piano that you play with your feets. http://home.netcom....emoments/45_big.jpg
[calum, Nov 02 2005]

Footnotes Floor Keyboards http://www.entechcr...web/keyboards.shtml
More pavement pianos from the people who inspired the "Big" keyboard. [jurist, Nov 02 2005]


       Isn't there a toy that is roughly (but not exactly) the same as this in the toy shop scene in "Big"?
calum, Nov 02 2005

       We have pavement pizzas where I live, so this'd make a pleasant change.
Dub, Nov 03 2005

       I'd be keen to help install one of these at the main intersection at Shibuya train station one night if anyone has the know-how to get this thing off/installed in the ground. I can supply dimensions at request.
ben reeve, Nov 04 2005


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