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Musical Liar

They say, behind every compulsive liar is a genius in stealth mode.
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This device is a series of mallets slung above an array of xylophones, steel drums, triangles, and harpsichords. Each mallet has a release lever that is connected to a processor that is, in turn, connected to a lie detector device that takes readings from 30 some odd diodes planted on the compulsive liars skin. The output form the lie detector is processed and sent to the mallet release mechanisms which sound off on one of several percussive insturments located radially around the compulsive liar. The cacophony makes the liar lie more, because he's by nature a reactive nervous wreak and, eventually, this active feedback returns, not only the most brilliant lies, but something akin to music, if not melody.

Give him a little stick to wave around in the air, tape a few coat tails to the shirt he took out of your closet that morning and claims it's not yours, but that he saw yours and wanted one so bad he went and got one that morning right before the dog's got in the house and ripped your shirt to shreds, and he wishes he could give you his to replace it but its a size smaller, even though it says its not but it really is because he put it in the dryer a few times to shrink it down and now everybody's having fun! Bang ching chang! Bop a dee do bop a da bop!

daseva, Jun 27 2005


       Hmm. 'Fraid not. They'd use the music to commicate plans of staging a coup. Crafty buggers.
daseva, Jun 27 2005


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