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Musician’s Learning Fest

Musician’s Learning Fest
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Musician’s trade show and learning festival

Circumstance: Musician's often seek out other musicians to practice with, learn from, and form bands with.

Musical instrument dealers are always looking for customers.

The public enjoys listening to music.

Suggestion: Musical instrument dealers, for example, could sponsor "Learning Fests" at public parks, fairgrounds and so on. Musicians from amateur to professional could attend to play, make connections, sample new instruments and musical devices of all kinds, and see manufacturer demos of the equipment.

Amateur musicians could form into smaller learning groups, specializing in certain styles of music, and practice and learn from one another.

The learning circles that form could organize and continue to meet thereafter to practice and learn at other public locations.

The general public could meet musicians and enjoy the atmosphere and sounds.

Similar “musical groupings” that already exist are guitar “Meet up” sites, and guitar clubs formed at schools, etc.

Sunstone, Nov 05 2005




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