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musical notion

Storing only the gist of the tune and rhythm summarizing the tune
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Storing or annotating music as relative notes only, gives a method for quickly searching and retrieving the actual performances. noting how many half notes up and down, and only the relative rhytm. So Yanki Doodle (which by the way is a Jewish name in Yiddish meaning Jacob David) goes like this:

0 0, 2 2 | -4 4, -2=
-2 0, 2 2 | -4=, -1=
1 0, 2 2 | 1 -1, -1 -2
-1 -4, 2 2 | 1= 0

pashute, Aug 14 2020

similar but different Scat_20Text
[pertinax, Aug 14 2020]


       Like vector instead of raster [+]   

       Though it could be argued that this is pretty much the progenitor of Western musical notation; this is how neumes worked before the idea of vertical pitch space was introduced into notation, so in that case it was baked 1500 years ago, went stale and mouldy, and finally decomposed into a slightly strange whiff.
pocmloc, Aug 14 2020

       Thank you [pocmloc]. I now read: "The earliest neumes were inflective marks that indicated the general shape but not necessarily the exact notes or rhythms to be sung."   

       As far as I now understand there has been musical notion notation found in the Hurrian songs found in the Palace of Ugarit from about 3800 years ago.
pashute, Aug 14 2020


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