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Musicians Without Borders

Dry beans, Flour, Water, Antibiotics, Music
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When people have lost everything, they need food, and music.

I'm always a bit disappointed to see refugees end up in "camps", where the routines are literally those of "concentration camps". People are weighed, registered, screened, they get a sack of flour, blankets and a plastic sheet. Hard. Cold. Pragmatic.

It's time "culture" and music are recognized as being just as vital as vitamins.

Musicians Without Borders will always be on stand-by and jump out of the planes, together with the food aid.

After arriving in the camps, they will bring the people back to life, simply by playing music in a collective, communal way. Children may cheer up and forget their misery for a while, even when they're too tired to sing.

I'm sure this has major beneficial effects on the mood of many people - people who may else be too weak to find hope.

Moreover, I'm truly convinced of the fact that mere music, and its collective drive, has pure positive psychological and even biochemical effects on humans. And that this is universally true, and in all circumstances.

django, Aug 13 2004

Wikipedia: Maslow's hierarchy of needs http://en.wikipedia..._hierarchy_of_needs
Help, I've become self-actualized and I can't get up. [jutta, Oct 17 2004]


       good idea! It would give a stronger sense of community and possibly be an art exchange! Croissants for you!
Around TUIT, Aug 14 2004

       Probably not a good time to perform "Material Girl" or any number of "My Bling" raps.
thumbwax, Aug 14 2004

       Maslow's heirarchy of needs dictates, water, food, shelter, safety, belonging, then love is somewhere down there, I agree people would thrive in a cultural music environ, but only while the basic needs of life are met. Perhaps these musicians could also be pursuaded to change bandages,and give antibiotics to patients between "sets." then I'd approve. or even while performing, kinda like Mary Poppins. [edited for yabba]
dentworth, Aug 14 2004

       In Europe, Abraham Maslow is widely considered to be one of the worst psychologists in modern history. A pure utilitarian. In our Psy-101 courses, we review him under "that Anglo-Saxon Bunch, Hollywood, and Stuff".
django, Aug 14 2004

       I call shennanigans. I don't think there's such a thing as a 'wacky' choir. That's sort of an oxymoron, isn't it?
contracts, Aug 14 2004

       [bwv61] well what are we waiting for? I guess it should be no problem to blackmail a few mediocre MTV millionaires into giving money to this good cause.
django, Aug 14 2004

       [BlackEyedAngels] yes it would be nice to bring plenty of instruments along. I've been thinking of collecting and restoring instruments over here, to send them to semi-permanent refugee camps or poor communities. But it's too expensive.
django, Aug 14 2004

       I've heard that too much self-actualization makes you go blind.   

       Good idea, django. While actual musicians would be ideal, even playing a record or two in the "camps" would be beneficial. Wouldn't cost much, and would give folk at least something - no matter how intangible - to hold on to when they're at their lowest ebb.
lostdog, Aug 14 2004

       The United Nations Famine Relief Band?
st3f, Aug 16 2004

       [bwv61], I'd like to blackmail britney spears, too . . . 'heh-heh-heh.'
contracts, Aug 16 2004

       I like this idea, and I like the idea of blackmailing Britney even more.   

       How about me, [bwv61] and [contracts] go hideout at the next red carpet do she's supposed to ooze her way to.   

       We can jump out of the crowd with a portable X-ray machine and quickly scan her. The resulting pics will conclusively prove that the breast implants have been in there since the "knee" operation, and that she lied to everyone, including Father Christmas.   

       We can then either sell the pictures to the tabloids for millions or extort her for the majority of her bloated, ill-deserved fortune, whichever will pay for more borderless musicians.   

       Just so long as I get to play the triangle...
DocBrown, Aug 16 2004

       You know, in France there's a gameshow in which people perform physical tasks in giant foam suits, the same thing as the British show 'It's a knockout', if anyone knows of that. The French show is called 'Jous Sans Frontiers' [sp?]. I always wanted to see what happened if it got confused with Medicine Sans Frontiers.   

       Oo, he's having a little trouble administering that injection due to his giant emu costume.
harderthanjesus, Aug 16 2004

       That nearly went over my head [bwv61] - we don't have the same "fashion gurus" on this side of the pond. I have to say I am deeply affronted since I bear no resemblance to Senor Cujocaro!   

       I think I'll disguise myself as Catherine Zeta Jones instead - the resulting storm of bad legal paperwork (hijacking/defamation of image and character etc etc) will choke out any challenge that Britney might try and mount :)
DocBrown, Aug 16 2004

       I feel like I'm getting off subject by getting back on subject, but anywho...   

       Dentworth, I agree with your anno, except change 'only after' to 'while'--that's the best part about music.   

       Carry on.
yabba do yabba dabba, Aug 16 2004

       Ok [yabba] I changed it, I am in a bit more cynical mood today, sorry.
dentworth, Aug 17 2004


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