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Orphan toy registry

Buy once, Donate twice
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Orphans would be able to make a list of the toys they'd like to receive for Christmas, etc. Any toy company where you make charity toy purchases may or may not be affiliated with a specific orphanage or orphanages in general.

With every purchase, an orphan gets a toy, while one or more orphanages get some commission from the sale.

Free ad space which is typically allocated to charities would help get the word out.

4and20, Dec 13 2016

Toys for tots http://toysfortots.org/default.aspx
Surely they will give to orphans as well. [popbottle, Dec 14 2016]

amazon ranks toys https://www.amazon....4-0741825-0864744#3
[beanangel, Dec 14 2016]

Child's Play http://childsplaycharity.org/donate
Amazon wish lists for childrens hospitals [tatterdemalion, Dec 14 2016]


       Are there still such things as orphanages ? Our understanding was that surplus juveniles are simply broken up for spares and the parts auctioned online ...   

       <gratuitous pedantry>   

       Should the title not be "Toy Registry for Orphans" ?   

       </gratuitous pedantry>
8th of 7, Dec 13 2016

       I am slightly concerned that revenue diversion might result in lesser toys. However, if the toys are highly rated [link], affordability could still go with awesome play and many uses.   

       Has anyone here ever invented a toy? Post it! (not a toy Post It, an exhortation to publish more ideas at the .5b)
beanangel, Dec 14 2016

       // Has anyone here ever invented a toy? //   


       // Post it! //   

       Regrettably, Postal Regulations forbid the sending of several of the most important components of the device by regular mail, and the penalties are remarkably severe - quite apart from the fragile, or more accurately shock-sensetive, nature of the assembly.
8th of 7, Dec 14 2016

       Restricting toys to those ranked highly under [beanangel]'s toy rating system would imbalance the tin soldier department, most often Major Generals.
TomP, Dec 15 2016

       Restricting toys to those ranked highly under [beanangel]'s toy rating system would imbalance the tin soldier department, most often Major Generals would dominate.
TomP, Dec 15 2016

       From the title I imagined that "orphan toy" was a sort of action figure made to resemble a typical orphan and the idea was for a registry of such action figures for some purpose
hippo, Dec 15 2016

       You could do a crossover between that and a Terminator figure, then market it as Little Orphan Arnie …
8th of 7, Dec 15 2016

       My main concern is that corporate and other interests make a child's real wishes mostly secondary. Some of the stories in western countries are bad enough, but you don't want to see the documentaries about orphanages in eastern Europe, for example. This combination of toys and "donations" from the ensuing commissions may have some use for refugee camps...   

       Might not there be a market for orphan toy playing cards? I imagine a science angle, wherein thousands of creatures are built based on the distinctive combination of DNA sequences at the bottom of each card.
4and20, Dec 15 2016


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