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Muslim Punk

Muslim Punk
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Since the original punk ideals were all about offending the majority, and presenting them with new ideals. Loud fast music, new identity, anarchy, how about a new style of punk. Muslim punk! consisting of a girl group, in full muslim regalia, headdresses et. al. performing songs about why they choose to be muslim and why they reject western ideals. Some big label marketing and support and you could be looking at tapping into a large global disenfranchised and currently untargeted audience.
purple, May 09 2003

"A True Story of How a Punk Accepts Islaam" http://members.aol....all2truth/punk.html
[oatcake, Oct 17 2004]

Yusuf Islam's (ne Cat Stevens) production company http://www.astrolabepictures.com/mol.html
He has a line of sura chant videos out, too, I think. [n-pearson, Oct 17 2004]

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan http://www.nusratfateh.com/
Not a punk in the western style but it's all about the attitude and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was a Muslim punk rocker if there ever was one. [DrBob, Oct 17 2004]


       There's Christian punk rock...
oatcake, May 09 2003

       So you've been in Kabul for a year or two
And you know you've seen it all
On daddy's cart thinkin' you'll go far
Back east you type don't crawl
Play ethnicky jazz to parade your snazz
On your five dinar radio
Braggin' that you know how sandniggas feel the cold
And the Kurd's got so much soul
It's time to taste the bottom of a shoe
Republican Guard will not help you
Brace yourself, my dear
Brace yourself, my dear
It's a holiday in Kurd territory
It's tough kid, but it's life
It's a holiday in Kurd territory
Don't forget to pack a wife

You look like a ja-hosh
you smell like a goat
You want everyone to act like you
Kiss ass while you bitch so you can get rich
But your boss gets richer off you
Well you'll work harder with a gun in your back
For a bowl of couscous a day
Slave for soldiers 'til you starve
Then you head is skewered on a stake
Now you can go where people are one
Now you can go where they get things done
What you need, my son...
What you need, my son...
Is a holiday in Kurd territory
Where people dress in black
A holiday in Kurd territory
Where you'll kiss ass or crack
Sad-dam etc.

And it's a holiday in Kurd territory
Where you'll what you're told

A holiday in Kurd territory
Where the Kurd's got so much soul
thumbwax, May 09 2003

       Ha ha! Cripes, I'm speechless.... Pinball Wizard?
sild, May 09 2003

       "holiday in cambodia"
mihali, May 09 2003

       Ironic that the first muslim punk song was written by a bunch of Jewish Kids.   

       Rock the Casbah !   

       + !
mahatma, May 09 2003

       Hmmm. I feel I should point out that Islam is generally the majority religion in Islamic countries. This is how they became, and remained, Islamic countries. It also might suprise some readers that Islam is not about "rejecting western values" but instead about living a religious life.   

       There is a lot of similiarities between American Christians and Middle East Muslems - both good and bad and including a large dose of variety.
Aristotle, May 09 2003

       what would be a good name for the band ?
purple, May 09 2003

       From outcake's link: "I did not know any Muslims and nothing about Islaam except that Muslims read the Qur'aan. I knew that there was a mosque sort of near by and sometimes I saw people who I thought were Muslims and that was it. Then, one day,... Out of nowhere I stopped and turned to my friend and said, 'I've got to do it, I've got to become a Muslim today.'"   

       Why would somebody who knows nothing about the religion and from above seems to never have even read the Koran just decide one day that Islam was calling her and she converted?
calculust, May 09 2003

       I think it would sound like this:   

       ad,da,da,da,da,da god is great, dad,da,dada,da Alla be praised, da,da,da,da,da god is great da,da,da,da,da, yadda,yadda, yadda
aredant, May 10 2003

       [purple] "Imam adman".
friendlyfire, May 10 2003

       // Why would somebody who knows nothing about the religion and from above seems to never have even read the Koran just decide one day that Islam was calling her and she converted?//   

       Could've been a fashion thing? Maybe she thought it was "muslin."
snarfyguy, May 10 2003

       Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe a girl Muslim rock band would be frowned upon by the Muslim world, at least for most sects of Islam.
lumpy, May 10 2003

       Eggs act, lee
thumbwax, May 10 2003

       Frowned upon, just like many of the punk bands in the western world by the 'status quo'?
Cedar Park, May 10 2003

       hmmm.... I'm not sure about this.
Pericles, May 11 2003

       I frown upon Status Quo.
my face your, May 11 2003

       Au contraire, [mfy], their first album has some genuine psych-pop gems on it, from before they got all sweaty and boogied-out. Aside from "Pictures of Matchstick Men," "Ice in the Sun," "When my Mind is not Live" and "Sunny Cellophane Skies" are essential listening for fans of the genre.
snarfyguy, May 11 2003

       hey, leave the Quo alone - you barbarian :)   

       I had lunch with their drummer, I think it was number 10.
po, May 11 2003

       Did he only know how to eat three things?
hippo, May 11 2003

       I did him an injustice, just looking them up on google, he was with them 15 years. I made him cheese and pickle sandwiches - so yes.
po, May 11 2003

       There's actually a novel about muslim punk by Michael Muhammad Knight, it's called The Taqwacores. www.geocities.com/taqwacore   

       "Muhammad was a Punk Rocker" by Michael Muhammad Knight   

       I see Muhammad down at the corner store rocking on Galaga getting the high score   

       When he delivers sermons the kids think he's a bore but when he smashes idols everyone cheers for more   

       Muhammad was a punk rocker he tore everything down Muhammad was a punk rocker and he rocked that town   

       All the people in Mecca knew Muhammad's name they knew him by his fucked-up hair and dangling wallet chain   

       They knew him by his spikes and said he was insane but Ali knew better Uncle wouldn't play their game   

       Muhammad was a punk rocker you know he tore shit up Muhammad was a punk rocker Rancid sticker on his pickup truck   

       When he was in a dumpster by himself Allah told him crazy things for Muhammad to share with all of us on his six holy strings
mukhtar, Jul 10 2003

       Punk shilling silly old dogma -- which includes unquestioning submission to authority? Cat Stevens as likely manager/producer? I vote no.
n-pearson, Jul 10 2003

       (1) Aren't Muslims against music save singing and drumming? (2) Cat Stevens/Yousef Islam hasn't played an instrument in years. He's also re-writing history about the Salman-Rushdie-Satanic-Verses thing and that his conversion to Islam was some sort of Martin-Luther-save-me-God-and-I'll-live-for-you thing. In 1979 I listened to his last hit song before his conversion. It sucked. (3) Muslim punk rockers are flogged and/or go to prison. Khomeni opposed "punk fashion" such as Nike shoes. (4) "Islam," from what I understand, mean "submission." Doesn't sound punky to me. (5) My idea of Islamic Punk? Curse Mohammad, burn the Qu'ran, eat pork, drink liquor, sing the praises of having sex with Israeli soldiers--"Son of a rabbi man" (Son of a Preacher Man), "He gave me head" (From Jet Boy Jet Girl), or songs about nuking Mecca.   

       The important point is that Mid-Easterners, more than American bigots, should sing such--though in this politically-correct-don't-upset-our-Arab-allies-against-terror that Bush is shovelling us, even this might be welcomed.
Great Satan, Jul 10 2003

       that's totally how the Taqwacores is. it has nothing to do with promoting Islam. there's characters in the book who even wear the Star of David just to piss Muslims off, like the Sex Pistols and old punks used to wear the swastika.   

       "I’m so Muslim I can take a shit on Bukhari and wipe my ass with the Muwatta. I can say that Muhammad ate a fat dick and it doesn’t even matter" --MM Knight, The Taqwacores
mukhtar, Jul 10 2003

       hahaha it sounds fucking shit, but hey at least someone's taken the idea on board. I demand royalties, and yeah well its not punk hahaha but the idea was mine http://www.muselog.net/archives/000037.html
purple, Aug 23 2003

       *link* feature is up and to the left. Sorrrrrrrrry, but the idea was here before the burqa band was made in a day.
thumbwax, Aug 23 2003

       oh dear. we are all gonna die. can you delete that for us <purple> before there's a fatwah put out on Jutta.
etherman, Jul 02 2004

       Better still, delete the moron who posted it.
angel, Jul 02 2004

       clearly somebody got a copy of nietzche delivered to their cell.
etherman, Jul 02 2004

       Now _that_ was nasty. As a born-again Christian I find the first of [godisdead]'s posts offensive, and as a human being I find both of his posts offensive. (Further to that, his use of capitals is offensive to net-literate people of all creeds everywhere :p)
david_scothern, Jul 02 2004

       Oh jeepers. I'm shocked. Watch my shockedness :   


       No one is impressed, silly. Pedal it in middle-America somewhere. The audience at the half-bakery is far too intelligent to rise to the bait.
contracts, Jul 02 2004

       Godisdead, you are a tragic wanker and every right-thinking human being on the planet hates you.   

       Luckily for us, your low-grade race-hate schtick isn't the sort that might attract even other peabrained muppets like yourself.   

       And as for your "opinions" about punk rock, don't get me fucking started. You'll be one of those studs-and-leather mohawk halfwits with an "Exploited" patch stuck on your arse who thinks swearing at pensioners is a kick in the teeth of "the Man" and that puking cheap cider up in the park on a sunny afternoon is the apogee of cultural independence and somehow constitutes a statement of intent.   

       When I fought the punk rock wars against my parents/school/everything in 1976/77, I was under the impression that punk rock was ART!!! and that it was changing the world for the better by encouraging tolerance and celebrating people's differences (except for bastard Pink Floyd and Supertramp, who should have been drowned at birth)   

       Artless charmless no-brain fucks like you turned punk rock (Wire, Ramones, Pere Ubu, Television, Suicide, Clash, Sex Pistols, Dead Boys, and so on for a long time) into the meathead lowest-common denominator shite (GBH, Exploited, UK Subs etc etc etc) we've had to tolerate for the past 27 years.   

       I hope you suddenly get smart and consequently embarrassed by your former overwhelming idiocy.
lemon tetra, Jul 02 2004

       ((((( applause )))))
DrBob, Jul 02 2004

       God is alive again and his name in Lemon Tetra!!!
etherman, Jul 02 2004

       Applause from me too, [lemon tetra].
Now, [purple] (or admin), could you get rid of [godisdead]'s annos?
evilmathgenius, Jul 02 2004


       ... Pink Floyd was punk?
daseva, Jul 02 2004


       Pink Floyd was shit.   

       But not as shit as Supertramp.   

       Or godisdead.
lemon tetra, Jul 02 2004

       Wow...that was by far the most hateful thing I believe I've ever read.   

       Shameless self-promotion: My caps-lock alarm idea would have prevented the shouting, at least.   

       On-topic: Bread for the idea of sticking it to The Man in a new way.
shapu, Jul 02 2004

       So the idea is to have a white western male producer-capitalist promote and market an Islamo-Punk band, and make money out of it?   

       If so: great idea! +
django, Jul 02 2004

       Could be a black male capitalist - I think the production staff would probably be pretty open.
shapu, Jul 02 2004

       could even be a black female capatalist. wow.
etherman, Jul 02 2004

       well...it's not weird to have Muslim in punk. Country where i came from is full with muslims hardcore / punk / skinhead / crusty / anarcho / metal head / death / balck metal which is mostly 90% Muslims kids and other 10% were christian, hinduism, buddhist, and atheist as wells.   

       If you came to a country like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei. You can find so many punk HC muslim kids... including straightedge... Malaysia and Brunei is a Muslim country while Singapore and Indonesia isn't but most of the hc punk kids there are Muslims.
sk8edge, Jul 22 2004

       [ Muslim punk! consisting of a girl group ]   

       Once again, another science fiction idea presented as somebody's very own brain child.   

       Preheated, Bruce Sterling, " Zeitgeist ", circa 2000.
normzone, Jul 22 2004

       Floyd is great, man. I don't see how a baker could deny the, at least, valiant attempt to compile some delicious social metaphores admist a psychadelic backdrop of great vocals, experimental electronics, and the occasional saxophone. Of course, I reference "dark side" mostly, here. But Animals was good too...   

       You just don't understand! I hate you mom!
daseva, Jul 22 2004

       That's some stutter you've got there, [gid2].
Detly, Aug 18 2004

       I and some friends once wrote some Jihad Rap for a school project. We weren't allowed to present it.
sninctown, Apr 14 2005


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