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Punchline Hoquetus

Interlocking phrases with interlocking lyrics all of which convey something discreetly as well as jointly.
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consider a musical phrase 1:

and an interlocking musical phrase 2:

Now consider the single syllable words that are sung over phrase 1:
I am _ shit _ _

And the interlocking single syllable word phrase sung over phrase 2:
_ _ sow _ face girl

so we end up with three sentences being spoken at once:
1)I am shit.
2)sow face girl.
3)I am sow shit face, girl.

And three musical phrases at once:
1) ab—d——

it really only becomes an innovation when the resultant phrase and sentence reveals something about the tributary phrases and sentences, which I have not here done.

fishboner, Jan 08 2010

Catch http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Catch_(music)
A type of round wherein the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. [csea, Jan 08 2010]


       hahah... oh man! This is good stuff. Reminds me of those illogical thoughts upon waking. The kind that settle into the simple realization that you drank too much last night and you probably shouldn't have been so frank to that girl who had the gall to talk to your drunk ass.
daseva, Jan 08 2010

       Whether our genes or our experiences shape us, free will is in trouble...
fishboner, Jan 08 2010

       This has been baked in the musical world for several centuries; the form is called a "catch."   

       Often somewhat bawdy, the full meaning is brought out only when all parts have joined in. For some good examples, see [link.]   

       (Interesting to note the one related to "tails for all!")
csea, Jan 08 2010

       Baked enough. Conflation of hoquetus and round is fair enough, though, I think hoquetus in it's purest form does not allow notes to initiate on the same beat. This may be a large enough distinction to save punchline hoquetus. Though, I fear the tyranny of democracy will tend to override my hope..
fishboner, Jan 08 2010


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