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Mutual Word

Both people simultaneously say another word after the usual "Thank You" "You're Welcome" transaction.
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Do you ever feel awkward after someone says "you're welcome"?

Sometimes it just feels awkward because there is nothing to say after it. I mean, shouldn't I thank the person AGAIN for welcoming me?

So, I propose introducing a mutual word that is said simultaneously after the "You're Welcome". I don't know what the word would be, but I would opt for a completely new word... like my last name (Halegua).

Example 1--

Man 1: You saved my daughter from that burning building! Thank you.

Man 2: You're welcome.

Both (In Unison): Halegua!

On second thought, that wouldn't go over too well, perhaps another word. Like... "Kindness".

Example 2--

Man 1: You saved us all from near death. Thank you.

Man 2: You're welcome.

Both (Unison): Kindness

Ok... so maybe I'm not so good at actually thinking of a word or phrase to use. But the idea is all mine!

JRH517, Feb 28 2006

The Pseudodictionary http://www.pseudodictionary.com
The place for word inventions, once you've decided what the word is to be. [bristolz, Mar 02 2006]


       "...Welcome to what?"
phundug, Feb 28 2006

       I wouldn't want to say "Kindness" after the you're welcome bit, but random syllables can only serve to enrich any conversation - therefore [+] for the Halegua.
fridge duck, Feb 28 2006

       So what do you say after Halegua?   

po, Mar 01 2006

st3f, Mar 01 2006

       "I hope you die a painful and lingering death"
hippo, Mar 01 2006

       //but I would opt for a completely new word... like my last name (Halegua). // How come your last name is a new word - haven't you had it since birth?
coprocephalous, Mar 01 2006

       Any trome would do.
spidermother, Mar 01 2006

       What's with this "kindness" rubbish? You nailed it first time with "Halegua!" and that's what my bun is for.
wagster, Mar 01 2006

       + like it. I have heard people say "you welcome" and then I wonder what the fuck is that all about. ??
xandram, Mar 01 2006

       // I have heard people say "you welcome"// Really?
Not "you're welcome" ?
Saying "you welcome" is just plain ungrammatical, unless it is an order, in which case, it kind of defeats the object.
Perhaps they're saying "your welcome", indicating possession.
coprocephalous, Mar 01 2006

       The Indonesian exchange is "terima kasih", "terima kasih kembali" (or just "kembali") (roughly "receive love", "receive love in return"). Nicely symmetrical.
spidermother, Mar 01 2006

       Oh [spider] that is just beautiful! I wish US americans had such lovely ways of speaking, and thinking for that matter. Thank you. I will remember that like... Namaste.
xandram, Mar 01 2006

       Also poetic in Indonesian are 'mata hari' = 'eye of the day' (sun) and 'buluh darah' = 'blood bamboo' (blood vessel). If you don't mind the religious connotations, you might like to remember that 'goodbye' is a contraction of 'God be with ye'. Salam.
spidermother, Mar 01 2006

       I like "Halegua" the best.
phundug, Mar 01 2006

       //It should also be mandatory that it forms a rhyme.//

Wouldn't that make it a frosty reception?
DrBob, Mar 01 2006

       Which is what you deserve for that.   

       Don't certain sub-cultures say "Word" or "Respect" or something along those lines?
egbert, Mar 01 2006

       2 Fries Shy of A Happy Meal... there is nothing to say after "Halegua" because the score is set even, we have both said the last word.
JRH517, Mar 01 2006

       C'mon! That catch-all-closing-phrase already exists... "Have a nice day!"   

       Man 1: You saved my ass from that burning donkeybarn! Thank you.   

       Man 2: You're welcome.   

       Both: Have a nice day!   

       It also works well in less-than-polite conversations... and after you give/ receive critical traffic gestures...   

       Thanks for giving me the finger! Have a nice day!
alphatango, Mar 01 2006

       Halegua!! Jinx, personal jinx.... Nya-nya...
Pac-man, Mar 01 2006

JRH517, Mar 01 2006

       How about a smile?   

       This word thing will just start adding up. Soon there'll be proposals for more words to say after the others have been said and, eventually, people will become fearful of opening the Thank You dialogue because they'll be stuck there all day trying to adhere to protocol feature creep. There'll be newspaper sections and web and cellphone services that list the proper new words and word sequences on a daily basis. Diplomats and other people who require professional decorum and politeness will carry little RSA fobs around that display a new trailing complete politeness word every :30 seconds...   

       Fortunately, I can do something to prevent that dark future by adding a [marked–for-deletion] word invention tag here.
bristolz, Mar 01 2006

       Umm.... not really. The point is that since we each say a word to close off the exchange, that eliminates all need for further conversation or pleasantry.
JRH517, Mar 02 2006

       this is all about people always wanting the last word ;)
po, Mar 02 2006

       //Indeed// No, no. That's less than halfway through. The last word is "zymurgy".
coprocephalous, Mar 02 2006

       On my view, the last word is "sport".
coprocephalous, Mar 02 2006

       There is a place in the US called "Zzyzx". Honestly, look it up in wikipedia. It's trying to be the last word but being a place name probably isn't.
wagster, Mar 02 2006

egbert, Mar 02 2006

spinglespangle, Mar 02 2006

po, Mar 02 2006

       Thank you. You're welcome. Spam. Spam spam. Spam spam spam. (and now with emphasis... with a slight chorus startying up). Spammity spaaaaaammm, spammity spam! Spammity spaaaaaam, spamity spam. (altogether now) Spammity spaaaaaammm, spammity spam. Spammity spaaaaaam, spamity spam. (sing it with me).
pathetic, Mar 02 2006

       *quivers in seat, rocks gently back and forth... Realises he's not as bad as the nutters on here and continues with life*
Mr Phase, Mar 02 2006

jellydoughnut, Mar 03 2006

       In my little corner of the US we tend to say, "allright" after the "Thank You/You're Welcome" transaction.
Jscotty, Mar 03 2006

       No, that doesn't work as a stopper, someone then goes on to say "Have a nice day", which is then topped by "You have a GREAT day"; "You too", "And your family"; 'Let me go, here, I'm praying for death"; "Well, I hope it's a great one"; "I hope yours is better"; "Alright"; "Alright".   

       Oh, wait...
egbert, Mar 04 2006

       "Share and enjoy!"
spidermother, Mar 04 2006

       A diabolical cackle in unison should suffice.
jellydoughnut, Mar 05 2006

       Not to be vulgar, but a synchronised fart would be the perfect conversation ender. I mean, who would want to stick around for that? The only downside is that it would be hard to pull off.
Pac-man, Mar 05 2006

       what about that socially awkward situation where only one person says 'halegua' afterwards?
carpeliam, Mar 06 2006

       If someone said "Halegua" to me, I'd reply with "Amen", and we all know that is always the last word. Indeed.
jurist, Mar 06 2006

       Can the word be two words, like "Hail Ceasar!"?
notmarkflynn, Mar 06 2006

       what [jurist] said...Amen period
xandram, Mar 23 2006


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