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Organic compliments

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"Your kidney looks good today."
"Thanks! By the way, did you do something new to your liver?"
"No, why?"
"It just looks very smooth and pretty. Almost like it's been polished."
"No, it's really just the same as it's always been. But thank you."
"They're hiring liver models across the street, ya know."
" [laughs] Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. Bye!"
"Have a good day."

As long as complimenting people is the polite thing to do, we might as well make it possible in all cases without ever having to lie or feel guilty.

phundug, Aug 06 2003

Slim Goodbody http://www.slimgood...SlimGoodbody_sm.gif
I'd like a suit with my actual internal organs printed accurately on the outside, in color of course. So i would definitely get some compliments. I know my gall bladder is amazing [L a z y M a n, Oct 04 2004]


       have a sweet bread
po, Aug 06 2003

       My what a lovely uvula you have, dear.
krelnik, Aug 06 2003

       Have some sticky buns. +
sartep, Aug 06 2003

ertdfgcvb, Aug 06 2003

       odd, when i complament girls on their organic components they walk away from me, at best.
HalfwayHebrew, Aug 06 2003

       He: "Those implants worked out really well for you"
She: "You male sexist pig, you #@$%"
He: "No, sorry, not what you think, I mean the brain implants. For a blond you are really smart."
kbecker, Aug 06 2003

       This would be furthered by people with crystal clear skin, so you could see all their internal organs. Ever seen the kids show "Mr. Slim Goodbody" he had his internal organs printed on a tight fitting body suit? he taught health, fitness, and anatomy. Has anyone other than me seen this? it seemed normal at the time but now that I think of it... Creepy!
L a z y M a n, Aug 07 2003

       I remember Slim.
RayfordSteele, Aug 08 2003


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