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MyWork Command and Control

Think of synchronizing gears or cogs that rotate. They interlock. Now think of that in the context of people working together. When I do something, I expect you to do something. And when you do something, you expect me to do something. There is a zone of agreeable working practices between individuals if both define what they expect from each other, like a computer interface. Imagine you can mutually bidirectionally command your colleagues with a workflow system.
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Rather than write long boring emails, I write a bulleted point list of steps and I identify who should do what.

Everyone has an interface of services of what they can do or work on. Others can deploy those services.

And they are synchronized like gears.

Then the system has notifications on my phone or an email-style interface where I can see tasks assigned to me.

When I do something you depend on, you are notified, and you are also given steps automatically that come from me.

Communication doesn't really scale, but expectations and work allocation does.

I can mutually command my boss, my colleagues.

chronological, Aug 11 2023


       [-] Workflow automation and coordinating systems (including email and other notifiction of task assignments) are WKTE.
a1, Aug 11 2023

       If you're thinking of Jira, that's not how I think this should work.   

       It should have a list interface and be based on gears.
chronological, Aug 11 2023

       Never heard if Jira, but there are myriad products in this space. I'd need a better description than "a list interface based on gears" to gauge if it's anything really new and different.
a1, Aug 11 2023

       //you are notified, and you are also given steps automatically that come from me//   

       So, peer-to-peer micromanagement? I'm not sure that sits within the "zone of agreeable working practices".
pertinax, Aug 12 2023

       Not sure? It’s SOP in many workplaces.
a1, Aug 12 2023


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