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Mystery Science Porno Theater

Sarcastic commentators crack wise about the onscreen action
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There should be a show like Mystery Science Theater that shows old porno flicks.
mrthingy, Sep 06 2000

Something Awful Hentai Game Reviews http://www.somethingawful.com/hentai/
Hentai games- not movies, but the fact that the games are rated on a scale from 0 to -50 says something about the cynicism of the reviews. [gastronaut, Jul 11 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       hell, if they served a decent cider in the place (all movie theaters should serve alchohol!) I'ld do it for free..
bear, Sep 06 2000

       Have you seen the movie //Volare, Volare//? A sound studio is shared between a producer of 'adult films' and a producer of cartoons. When the wrong film gets shown for the sound-effects guy, he adds hillarious sound effects to the 'adult movie'.
supercat, Oct 28 2000

       I'd rent it.
Furthur, Dec 16 2000

       My wife would be great as one of those sarcastic commentators. She's had lots of practice.
Ander, Jan 02 2001

       What an awesome idea! The comedy potential is limitless!
danrue, Jan 02 2001

       Any of you who think that something like this would be a great idea should see Trey Parker and Matt Stone's "Orgazmo"!
mwburden, Jan 03 2001

       After reading the first review, I can definitely say that I will not be buying any Hentai games, gastronaut. I wouldn't be surprised if they do games based around war crimes as well. I would advise anyone to avoid following that link. It's stomach churning.
DrBob, Jul 11 2002

       This is actually baked. It's a feature on the truly ghastly television show "Midnight Blue" shown weekly on New York public access, and, I believe some other markets too.   

       They're hampered by a total lack of funny, however, so perhaps you could spruce it up.
FritzBenwalla, Dec 12 2002

       "...total lack of funny..." I like that.
bristolz, Dec 12 2002

       i couldn't see any funny.
sufc, Jan 15 2003

       [bristolz] I was about to say the exact same thing (re: FritzBenwalla). Does this mean we're bonding? :)
thecat, Jun 24 2003


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