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Porn on Demand

Porn made to order to your specifications
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One of the biggest problems with pornography is the same as for all mass media: It's boring and hackneyed because it caters to the lowest common denominator. With the advent of publishing on demand, computer-generated actors, and high-speed digital information processing, we soon will be able to generate one-off porn to suit anyone's specifications.

Do you want a glossy magazine that features Celine Dion with a grossly swollen goiter having kneecap sex with that guy who sat in front of you in tenth grade biology? No problem!

dominus, Jul 10 2000


       Have you checked out alt.binaries.erotica.celine-dion.goiter.kneesex.sean-connery recently?
Mickey the Fish, Jul 13 2000

       Maybe you cold come up with a large, highly redundant network of channels so you could be assured your entertainment would always make it to you. The porn would flow to servers that said they could get the flow to you quickest (for those few seconds of video). Then later, as it got more advanced, you could let people give interactive feedback to the channels.
phunklerot, Aug 25 2000


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