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goodwill politics
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As a goodwill gesture towards other countries, world powers could start being more conscious about the way they elect leaders who look and act like mythical characters from other world powers' tradtions.

This could be an online repository of discussion and resources about cultural mythical figures and their meanings as they pertain to current world politics.

What made me think of this was the front page picture in the Washington Post this morning of Hassan Rouhani looking suspisciously like Santa Clause and saying he wants better relations with America. It made me wonder if it was somehow a response to Barak Obama having the middle

name Hussein.

This would not bode well for America though since one our conservative presidential hopefuls for the next election, Chris Christie, has a name that

sounds like Chris Kringle and he looks a little like the Buddha which would make him a shoe in.

JesusHChrist, Jun 18 2013


       Maybe I could run for world governor as St. Jesus of the fishbones.
JesusHChrist, Jun 18 2013

       Or maybe I'll just keep smoking cigarettes and wtiting one- boners for the halfbakery.
JesusHChrist, Jun 18 2013

       Hey, whatever bones your buns, man.
Alterother, Jun 19 2013

       This is a slippery slope. Next do you prevent any voter from voting who looks like Tricky Dick, S. Claus. Mao, Adolf, The Penguin, JC, Attila, Vulcan ? Who decides? Your drivers license photo?
popbottle, Jun 19 2013


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