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Online Direct Democracy

online experiment
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The idea is to create a website that is a experimental direct democracy. People can submit propositions and vote, popular vote will then go into a ammendment phase to get voted on again. Also a polling on how This experimental society would deal with current events and budget etc. An experiment to see if direct democracy could work and to fine tune the concept of direct democracy.
devin, Feb 25 2004


       Yeah, but if they vote to change an existing law, it's not gonna really change. So you're not gonna find out if direct democracy could work, and you're not gonna be able to fine tune the concept.
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 25 2004

       Sounds kind of like a Sims of government....you'd have to get Alan Greenspan in on it....
normzone, Feb 25 2004

       I like the idea, but one can argue about the digital divide between the rich and the poor. So if the poor do not have web access, all of a sudden it's gone from direct democracy to a very broad plutocracy.
doshin, Feb 25 2004

       Computers are used for MANPULATING DATA, not data storage (they break down in the long run). fish bones for you!
Around TUIT, Aug 13 2004

       I'm sorry, but I believe the previous annotation is a non-sequitur.
bpilot, Aug 14 2004

       // it was a non sequitur re: the idea, and in itself it contains at least one non sequitur. Does a double non-sequitur make it a follower?//   

       What I'm saying is if the experiment to perfect online direct democracy requires a computer, so would implementing it's result.   

       Computers aren't good at verifing votes because computers work based on changes of state (ones and zeros). That is what they are good at, changing things quickly. Let us say there is a voting system where the people who vote do so on clay tablets (press in vote, thumbprint, and bake) and then count it with computers. If the computer count and the clay tablets don't match, which one is right? Do you see what I'm getting at?   

       While we are on it, Online Direct Democracy sounds a lot like Online Mob Rule.
Around TUIT, Aug 14 2004

       Online Mob Rule? What the hell is that?
yabba do yabba dabba, Aug 16 2004

       Online Mob Rule as opposed to Elect-A-Lying Mob rule?
Cats Whiskers, Aug 16 2004

       Go see http://ni4d.us, this is a real viable sort of direct democracy.
mgrant, Oct 06 2004

       Go see the link button above, this is a viable place to put links.
yabba do yabba dabba, Oct 06 2004


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