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N95 Yarmulke

Double duty
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Pins or strap...?
RayfordSteele, Jul 18 2021

This is what a Yarmulke is https://whyy.org/ar...s-to-back-2020-bid/
Well, I had to look it up. [Frankx, Jul 18 2021]


       I already knew what a yarmulke was... what's N95?   

       So… N95 as in respirator. Yarmulke as in small item of headwear. N95 equivalent to FFP2 in UK.   

       1) protect your hair from airborne pathogens   

       2) protects others from one’s own hairborne pathogens   

       Or 3) via some contrivance of elasticated straps, allows one to discretely carry a face mask everywhere without actually using it as a face mask?
Frankx, Jul 18 2021

       3) Somewhat Baked. From the safety of our sniper tower*, we recently saw an N95 on the head of a Wal-Martian.   

       *Standing in the truck bed, taking a bead over the cab of the F150. [It should be noted that we do not, nor have we ever, spent a centieme at WhaleMart, what with TheStore ThatShallNot BeNamed being a scourge on the landscape and all. The truck was obviously parked in the adjacent Timmies lot.]
Sgt Teacup, Jul 19 2021

Brilliant! I love it, & may steal it (sort-of... over here we have K-Mart, which is almost-but-not-quite as bad...).
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 19 2021



       Very good!   

       [+] for the original idea. When I first saw it (before I looked things up) I thought it was about large- calibre automatic weapons and saddlery for camels.   

       …or perhaps the NATO name for a heavily-armed soviet helicopter.
Frankx, Jul 19 2021

       I always suspected that names like maxwell and rayford where of habrew origin. Like Sean Ferguson being yiddish for Shoyn Fargessen I forgot said at Ellis island when he forgot the name Tamm Choynz vitch he voz sapposed tzu say. Tom Jones...
pashute, Jul 19 2021

       So the original more boring idea was a yarmulke that could double as a respirator. But I rather like a yarmulke that protects a portion of your hair from pathogens.
RayfordSteele, Jul 20 2021

       So then, can this send realtime pathogen data on the cellular network?
wjt, Jul 30 2021


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