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Sandbag Helmet

grind sand and pour it into your helmet
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War is hell, and sometimes the simple helmets worn to protect against a range of impacts are just not up to the job. This has led to the introduction of the Sandbag Helmet, which behaves in a similar manner to that of wearing a sandbag on your head.

It can do this because it has a double skin that allows the space in between the innner and outer layer to be filled with about 20lbs of sand. This makes it quite heavy, but a pair of fold-down padded wings allow the more substantial helmet to partly rest on the shoulders, relieving any potential neck strain.

Note: this idea is the combat variation of the head cooling helmet post featured in the link.

xenzag, Oct 18 2018

A_20Cool_20Head [xenzag, Oct 18 2018]


       Clever. You could wear it as a regular hat when deflated and only fill it in a situation where comfort isn't top priority.
doctorremulac3, Oct 18 2018

       Could be filled with gunpowder too
vfrackis, Oct 18 2018

       You'd be surprised how many people still ride around wearing army helmets [+].
4and20, Oct 19 2018


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