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NFC or QR tag demoscene app

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Basically an iphone or android app that holds a simple virtual machine, and is able to read a QR code or NFC tag and run the code in the virtual machine.

This would encourage interesting programs that can fit into a single QR/NFC tag or a sequence of tags.

mofosyne, Apr 15 2015


       <strikethrough>viruses</st> "interesting programs"   

       The poor-man's version would simply be a website to point to and download whatever.
RayfordSteele, Apr 15 2015


       A QR code is up to 3kB - that could hold Rrrola's Puls demo six times over...
mitxela, Apr 15 2015


       This could be just the thing to pressure an MUMPS language vendor into supporting MWAPI! You can write a pretty substantial App in less than 3KB in MUMPS, and with MWAPI have a pretty rich and pretty API.
CraigD, Apr 16 2015

       The code has to fit inside 3kb, OK. But, what OS is running the code? Or, more generically, the "code" you read could be in Ruby, Python, PHP, javascript, etc, and then is interpreted inside your generic VM/OS. That opens up the constraints pretty wide.
sophocles, Apr 16 2015

       hmmm... well if the program is stored in an NDEF container, you can define a MIME type (and trigger a corresponding handler/interpreter app for it).   

       E.g. Atari games on a QR code anyone? "Pyramid War - Filesize 3.81 KB"   

       The biggest issue is really size constants, so hence why the constraints might need to be tight, via a language that is compiled as bytecodes.   

       Alternatively, you could just compress it... then you can use something like html. etc...   

       Still there is something to say about atari games on a single QR code...
mofosyne, Apr 22 2015

       You'd have to print the code pretty big for it to scan reliably.
Spacecoyote, Apr 22 2015


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