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lossy text compression engine - e.g. SMSpeak TwitSpeak

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Essentially this grabs a sentence and compress it to look like SMS messages. And also have the capability to do the reverse.

The idea is to be mostly readable in as few characters as possible.

E.g. no --> n ; yes --> y or 'ja' ; you --> u ; mate --> m8

Now... what what the bible in SMS speak look like, and how lossy would such compression be.


Could compress commonly recognized phrase:

As far as I know --> AFAIK

Away from keyboard --> AFK

The lossy part could be that it may still match sentences that is similar enough. E.g. "I am away from the computer" will still match AFK.

But how to deal with actual acronyms? Well maybe "\" e.g. "\AFK" could indicate not to decompress the acronyms.


Could be useful for twitter.

mofosyne, Apr 02 2015

Conventionalised examples and vocabulary http://en.wikipedia...ples_and_vocabulary
[mofosyne, Apr 02 2015]

bible in sms language https://www.google....ble+in+sms+language
[zeno, Apr 03 2015]

Euro English http://bridgingtheu...10/31/euro-english/
[pashute, Apr 05 2015]

frist & lsat lteters http://www.ecenglis...essons/can-you-read
[pashute, Apr 05 2015]

Smaz https://github.com/antirez/smaz
Small strings compression library [mofosyne, Apr 17 2016]

shoco https://github.com/Ed-von-Schleck/shoco
shoco is a compressor for small text strings http://ed-von-schleck.github.io/shoco/ [mofosyne, Apr 17 2016]

lingo to english http://www.lingo2word.com/translate.php
[mofosyne, Apr 17 2016]

transl8it http://transl8it.com/
another lingo translator [mofosyne, Apr 17 2016]


       Twitter limits the message length to 140 Characters.
popbottle, Apr 03 2015

       I cnt c dis ctchng on.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 03 2015

       We should try this for that Internet to Aliens broadcast Shostak is advocating
theircompetitor, Apr 03 2015

       If things are going to be abbreviated it would be good to stay away from things that require cultural context: like AFAIK. Better would be phonetic spelling which would serve the dual purpose of improving literacy.
bungston, Apr 19 2016


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