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NHS Hospital Trolley Curtains

integral curtains for NHS hospital trolleys
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After many years of Tory miss-management/ underfunding/ austerity/ brexit etc, the NHS in the UK is on its knees.

Anyone going to hospital can expect to spend up to many hours in a corridor on a trolley waiting for a bed on a ward. Some of these corridors are very busy, public places with no privacy; no quietness and with bright overhead tube lights on full blast 24/7.

My answer to this is to at least improve the trolleys, as we wait for better days when the hateful, uncaring, greedy, lying Tories to be kicked out of office at the next general election.

I therefore propose equipping all trolleys with a simple fold-away curtain arrangement that can be quickly deployed on any standard hospital/ambulance trolley. In addition to the sides, an overhead lightproof curtain would provide the vital shade needed for some rest during what has been known to become 18 hour waits in the corridors.

Welcome the UK in 2023 - where nothing works anymore - where the trains in war torn Ukraine are more reliable, and our brilliant NHS, once the envy of the world, has to resort to inventing trolleys that have become mini hospital ward beds with their own curtains.

xenzag, Jan 19 2023

Boris's legacy of shame https://www.bbc.co....ews/health-63890726
[xenzag, Jan 19 2023]

Big Problem: Three Monkeys are Coming to Eat your Brains https://www.youtube...watch?v=7Nnaqby22gU
[Voice, Jan 20 2023]

Enshittification AKA corporatization AKA monetizing https://pluralistic...temkin-ai/#hey-guys
already parasitizing a system near you! [Sgt Teacup, Jan 22 2023, last modified Jan 24 2023]

UK doesn’t have the worst health care https://arstechnica...igh-income-country/
Guess who does? [a1, Feb 01 2023]


       [+] Setting aside the political commentary, this seems like an eminently practical, valuable idea. I'd be surprised if the things don't exist, but even if they do your suggestions needs to be implemented.
a1, Jan 19 2023

       I broke my arm (and a few other bits and pieces as it turned out) in the US and spent 9hrs on a trolley. The billing person came around long before any pain relief. After bolting it back together and sorting out some other complications, the bill came to $500,000 that fortunately was insured. I think that might be a bigger scandal.
bs0u0155, Jan 19 2023

       Agreed - but we used to have a brilliant service via the NHS
xenzag, Jan 19 2023

       // used to have a brilliant service via the NHS //   

       When did it really start going to hell? Boris-time or sooner?
a1, Jan 19 2023

       [bs0u0155] 500K billed to insurance for a broken arm and other bits? Musta bin a lot of important bits.   

       But as long as we're telling insurance stories: In December I had some surgery covered by insurance, no out of pocket costs. Hospital told me it would have cost me 60K-80K without insurance, but that they billed insurance companies three to four times as much for the same thing. Here's how they explained it: "We bill insurance as much as we can, but they decline most of it. For an uninsured patient, we only charge roughly what we expect we'd get from an insurance company."
a1, Jan 19 2023

       //When did it really start going to hell?// Well one of the Tory's grand plans after brexit was to sell parts of the NHS off to Trump's cronies as part of a trade deal, where the UK gets in exchange millions of tons of American's bleach cooked chickens and Frankenstein GM crops along with some of the other toxic muck they eat in the colonies. The Torys don't believe in the NHS. They believe in the rich getting the best of health care and that if anyone else wants that, then they should get themselves rich. Years of crucifying austerity and cutbacks have devastated what was once totally brilliant ie totally free universal health care for all from cradle to grave.
xenzag, Jan 19 2023

       I get most of what you’re saying and agree with at least part of it. But the Tories have been doing whatever they could to gut social programs including NHS since at least 2010. The current mess can’t ALL be the doing of our respective recently excised lard-asses in chief.
a1, Jan 20 2023

       Both are like Jupiter..... ie have long lasting gravitational waves that have long lasting effects. Ultimately I simply blame the entire Tory party who are our equivalent of the GOP in the USA, though not quite as moronic - ie without any Qanon, global warming deniers or assault rifle lobby fruit cakes.
xenzag, Jan 20 2023

       I agree, socialism would be awesome if it weren't for Orange Man, but progress is still being made. The vaunted national "health service" in your colony of Canada is offering assisted suicide for people in wheelchairs because they've been waiting for years to get a ramp to their living quarters and they're depressed as a result.   

       You socialists are problem solvers if nothing else and that's important. Gotta make cuts to social programs now to fund your war to civilize Europe part 60. Priorities eh? But this time I feel really good about it. This time Europe will become civilized and peaceful for sure! Just gotta get those kill numbers up.   

       Phew! Good to see the Hatebakery is back in full force.
doctorremulac3, Jan 20 2023

       I think one of the big problems is that no-one has worked out how to manage either demand or supply, in a system where the product or service provided is "free at the point of use".
pocmloc, Jan 20 2023

       I'd make a deal with the commies. Knock off your oligarch controlled, military industrial complex eternal war machine and we'll put all that savings into basic health care for all that people with jobs can elect to supplement with private insurance. Don't want to wait on a gurney for 6 hours? Pay for better health care out of your own pocket.   

       Which is the system that we basically have now in some areas but it's run by ex lawyer politicians so shockingly it sucks.   

       And more and more sheep are in the cult of "Everything would work great if we could just throw the right people into gulags." The discussion isn't about process, it's about blame. Simple, gets the dopamine going, any idiot can do it. This post actually blamed the collapse of England's NHS on Donald Trump, you can't make this stuff up. Solving complex problems in a complex world? Not so much fun.
doctorremulac3, Jan 20 2023

       NHS Hospital Trolley Problem: You can defund staff, creating administrative errors that kill 100 people and put the money into better drug interaction detection, saving 500 people. Do you do it? Economics is a dismal science indeed, even within a socialized system.   


       edit: false alarm. I incorrectly remembered the linked (highly recommended) video to be about the trolley problem
Voice, Jan 20 2023

       I am having a hard time believing that this doesn't already exist.   

       If you built a one-size-fits-all medical bed curtain attachment you'd clean up.   

       // hard time believing this doesn't already exist //   

       Portable privacy curtains on wheeled stands exist and are available from many hospital supply vendors. Haven't found any trolleys / gurneys that have them build in, but maybe I just haven't found the right search phrase.
a1, Jan 20 2023

       // hard time believing this doesn't already exist //   

       Portable privacy curtains on wheeled stands exist and are available from many hospital supply vendors. Haven't found any trolleys / gurneys that have them build in, but maybe I just haven't found the right search phrase.
a1, Jan 20 2023

       No need to look any longer. It's right here where I invented it on the halfbakery. The second part is to find me a set of portable hospital curtains that have a roof screen.
xenzag, Jan 20 2023

       // a roof screen //   

       Too keep the light of out of patients' eyes? Sunglasses would be more practical.
a1, Jan 20 2023

       // a roof screen //   

       To keep light of out of patients' eyes? Sunglasses would be more practical. Blindfolds work too, but may trigger anxiety attacks.   

       Unless you're into that sort of thing.
a1, Jan 20 2023

       I feel like we've reached the stage where "hateful, uncaring, greedy, lying Tories" counts as fair comment and is non-political.
nineteenthly, Jan 21 2023

       How about "foolish, wasteful, lazy Whigs"?
Voice, Jan 22 2023

       //Welcome [to] the [insert your country name here] in 2023 - where nothing works anymore// Yep. See link for Cory Doctorow's description of Tiktok 'enshittification' which applies equally well to any current monetized system, which is all of the systems, thanks to the rise of 'corporatization' since the 1970s.   

       Our only solution now is to think like a Xenzag, absurdly reverse-engineering the sick systems worth saving to be clever, organic, ridiculously sensible, take-back-the-powerish, functioning organisms.   

       People traveling around in just-in-case NHS curtain cubicles, in sleep bubbles, on unicycles... if the future is going to be a circus, my Magician's Assistant (a Therapy Dog) will be in the front basket of my e-bike, medical supplies in the saddlebags, my top hat held on by chewing gum and baling wire!
Sgt Teacup, Jan 22 2023

       Mismanaged for sure, but funding continues to increase in real terms. The problem is it's politically popular to fire 'useless' managers, which doesn't work out too well in what is by far the largest and most complex organisation in Britain.   

       Also no-one knows who's deciding what to spend the money on. AFAICT it's the employees themselves.   

       Anyway. Yes to curtains, it lowers morale for people to see others lying in state (open coffin) in A&E.
Selky, Feb 01 2023


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