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International Body Donation Register

if you die, they will come
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International Body Donation Register is one of my rare practical ideas. (warning - it's a bit sensible)

My mother and father both donated their bodies to the local universities anatomy department, for student dissection purposes. Mine is going to the same place, as is my sister's.

I travel quite a bit, and if I clock out in some far abode, I would want my body to go to a local lab for similar purposes (assuming that it was suitably in one piece and not contaminated with some hazardous toxins)

What I mean is - what's the point in one of my relatives having the expense of flying my body home to have it dissected, when there is bound to be a local university or teaching hospital who would be delighted to have another fresh body?

I am therefore proposing an International Body Donor Register for folk like me to sign up to, backed by an online verification system.

This means that were I to meet with a termination in say New York (where I go quite often) my remains would simply go to whatever local uni or hospital who were also on the register.

xenzag, Sep 19 2012


       We were bitterly disappointed to discover that Dr. Von Hagens will only accept bodies for plastination after they are dead ...   

       This is a good idea. [+]
8th of 7, Sep 19 2012


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