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NSA Scrapbook Service

Let's at least get some benefits from this
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The NSA is providing a brand new, much needed service!

Your very own, personalized family scrapbook!

Tired of having to take so many pictures at events & trying to keep them organized over the years? We all intend to do it, but nobody really does. It's just too much work!

Can't remember all of your life's events & travels, that are spread over your facebook, google calendar, work calendar, phone history, text history, etc.? And, what about the history you had on MySpace, or other obsolete platforms? It's so hard to keep all of your personal data in one place!

Well, for just $19.99/year, the NSA will now provide your very own Family Scrapbook, with NO EXTRA EFFORT FROM YOU. You never need to take another picture, or save a ticket stub.

The NSA already has all of your data conveniently on file.

Your very own NSA Scrapbook will contain chapters for each year of your life, listing where you've traveled, who you've spent the most time with, photos of the people in your life, photos of the areas you've traveled, your most frequent travel paths to & from work/home & favorite restaurants, friend's houses, & lovers. Not to mention: You'll also get to see your most visited websites over each year, along with a summary of your financial history & biggest purchases, by category.

sophocles, Apr 01 2014

Preheated, with more video and less spending records - an interesting read if you're the type that likes strange reads (that's me...) http://archive.is/t...ion-355.197-355.321
These are booths in which a citizen (for a credit transfer) can view a few random minutes of tape that the Government keeps. [normzone, Apr 01 2014]

... and its companion service FBI_20Search_20Engine
[FlyingToaster, Apr 01 2014]

Ahem, the same but different.. Big_20Buddy
....Big Buddy.... [not_morrison_rm, Apr 02 2014]

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       I would love this. If I'm ever called upon to write my autobiography, it's going to need assistance from someone who can tell me what I did, where and when. I would probably have to base it on the life of someone who is better documented.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 01 2014

       If you need an editor, I can recreate your life from the Halfbakery. Should be a best seller.
normzone, Apr 01 2014

       NSA sells your data to Ancestry.com. (Presumably. There's got to be some excuse for the geographic proximity in which they are located.) Ancestry sells your data (for which you were not compensated) back to you.   

       The Circle of Life...
lurch, Apr 02 2014

       See linky of Big Buddy...   

       And take that OMG away, or no bun.   

       Firm, but fair, that's my policy.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 02 2014

       Morrison, yes similar but a different twist. Creativity builds on each other, mutates, even if unaware of the past at times . Too meta sorry
sophocles, Apr 02 2014

       Don't worry about it......it's the problem with halfbakery, some things overlap...
not_morrison_rm, Apr 02 2014


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