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NSFW tag for ideas

A tag that goes on an idea showing that it's not safe for viewing at work (not-safe-for-work.. NSFW. Get it?)
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'Couple times lately, I've had my work computer system identify HB pages as being unnacceptable. In that my home internet is (apparently permanently...) down, I' m doing my halfbaking from work during breaks, etc.

Basically I think the monitor is picking up on bad language, combinations of words, or perhaps link content. I'm not really sure. But seeing as each time it records my attempts to access "undesirable" content, I'd rather not keep up this trend. Obviously I don't go and view ideas like "vagina jam" or other fisting related ideas from here, but sometimes you just can't tell what's coming. So maybe there could be a tag on ideas that might generate hits from nanny-type filters?

Note that just not going to the HB from work is simply not considered an option...

Custardguts, May 28 2009

I'm an insensitive clod Chased_20By_20A_20Leopard_20Commute
NSFW - at least maybe where you work at [normzone, May 29 2009]


       I do not believe vagina jam is fisting related, but I get your point. If I were your boss I would fire you.
zeno, May 28 2009

       //This fine ass bitch...//
... and now [Custard] won't be able to read *this* page :D
FlyingToaster, May 29 2009

       I bet it's just another anti-Scunthorpe ploy.
tatterdemalion, May 29 2009

       the usual solution involves beer and somebody in the IT department.
FlyingToaster, May 29 2009

       Greetings from Central Lancashire, here in sunny Clitheroe.
coprocephalous, May 29 2009

       Hi Straight Back at ya from Scunthorpe!
gnomethang, May 29 2009

       Swanky nightwatchmen like meltwater.
zen_tom, May 29 2009

       You could always just filter out benfrost and Ian T. That should fix ya for a while.
blissmiss, May 29 2009

       In your instance [Custardguts], it seems that even you aren't sure what's triggering your content filter. How is the halfbakery system meant to second guess what will be classed as offensive?   

       You could try using a proxy service like ninjacloak or anonymouse. Or you could listen to [Ian].
hidden truths, May 29 2009

       I thought "bitch", "ass", and "cock" were all farmyard animals - e.g. "Sally, the bitch sheepdog raced through the farmyard, disturbing the cock, through the field where the ass was grazing to the sheep field".
hippo, May 29 2009

       Does Tooting count?
Dub, May 29 2009

       No, but Kipling and Dorking do.   

       Dickens are just so... 1960s.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 29 2009

       //adds [hippo] to above filter list//
blissmiss, May 29 2009

       Play my games on your phone. No one need ever know :)
theircompetitor, May 30 2009

       Muffin' the Mule, anyone?
gnomethang, May 30 2009


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