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The HB "ConvictedKillerContest" Filter

Prevent them preemptively
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A filter mechanism attached to the new idea "OK" button that would search the idea before posting for key words like "convicted killers" and "contest", and instead of posting the idea, show a message box that says something like, "Ideas for taking care of people on death row by means of some sort of bloodsport are annoying us. Go away." Maybe we can be done with these tired ideas once and for all. Also, the keywords "renewable energy source" ought to be censored.
globaltourniquet, May 21 2001

Neo-Socratic Government http://www.halfbake...cratic_20Government
Careful what you wish for... [iuvare, May 21 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Latent semantic indexing keyword frequency clustering natural language FOO. "This idea sounds very similar to that idea." And, hey, autocategorization! Magic.
egnor, May 21 2001


       If you are implying that a system can't be developed that searches through text for keywords and word combinations and behaves differently based on that result, then you're going to have to ask a whole lot of people to find new jobs because what they are getting highly paid to research and develop is "magic".   

       But since you are an intelligent person, I must assume you are simply overestimating my request: namely, that the half-bakery censor out the stupid deathsport for convicted killer ideas, by finding a few simple keywords within the text. Sure, it'll result in some ideas not necessarily about this subject to be censored (like the infamous "breast" filter), but that's a small price to pay to be rid of these insipid things. And sure, some people can find a way around the filter, but if they are that adamant about posting their idea, then maybe it is worth seeing....
globaltourniquet, May 21 2001

       No, I'm just taking your request to its logical generalized extreme. Such an extreme is not impossible; LSI does exist, and linguistic autoclassification systems are in operation today. It would be rather speculative and would probably get in the way more often than it would work.   

       Post facto moderation is much more sensible. We just need to goad Jutta into a policy of deleting stupid ideas on sight.
egnor, May 21 2001

       Good point. The filter would have filtered out this idea, for instance. Oooooo. Paradox?
globaltourniquet, May 21 2001

       If it adds in 'The US is' and 'The US should' and various other sorts of 'The US sucks' 'ideas', I'm all for it...And any idea that has 'REAL' in the name...
StarChaser, May 21 2001

       //The CONTEST would be overseen by our illustrious university philosophy departments...//   

       Text from your Neo-Socratic Government idea (emphasis added, see link).
iuvare, May 22 2001

       Notice, iuvare, that I said "words like 'convicted killers' _AND_ 'contest'."   

       If your Boolean logic is weak, I remind you that "and" is used to specify that both sides of the statement must evaluate to TRUE for the whole statement to be true. The system would leave that one alone, not finding any information about convicted killers in it.
globaltourniquet, May 22 2001

       I'm glad for the link on "Neo-Socractic Governments" because I had forgotten about it.....but now I'm wondering what it means when Globaltouriquet on 4-30-01 (in response to absterge say that he had bought a gun in the event that Bill Maher even became president) says "I'll be right behind you. Sometimes gun ownership is understandable...."   

       Correct me if I'm wrong...but Bill Maher hasn't ever actually killed people....right? So, remind me again why gt is so opposed to capital punishment for convicted killers and thinks......... no, don't bother. Unless, of course, gun ownership is really understandable...and sometimes the taking of a life can be justified.....   

       Hmm... maybe gt is suffering from MPD.
Susen, May 22 2001

       Rather than refusing to post an idea, the code should bring up a page which explains which criteria our erring halfbaker may have breached, the likely response to such an idea, and ask if they want to post anyway. Like iuvare tried to evide, sometimes good ideas may be filtered out, as a text search is a far cry from decent AI. Also, there have been cases when ideas were tagged as WIBNI, baked, etc. unnecessarily. I recall a recent posting about making the idea behind "The Game" a real service, which was simulatenously labelled "baked" and "WIBNI," which shouldn't be possible. As for the number of words in an idea, requiring more may be better than less, as one-word titles are often rather ambiguous, and a four word max would filter out the Past Perfect Conditional etc. Song Lyrics, which was on our best 10 list last I checked.
nick_n_uit, May 22 2001

       Oh, Susen... stop playing dumb. I know you're too intelligent to believe I was serious about ridding the planet of all the Bill Mahers....   

       I don't own a gun, I will never own a gun, and the only way a gun will ever enter my house is if the person bringing it in intends to use it against me.   

       Truthfully, as far as I'm concerned, not even the tantalizing knowledge that we could be free from Bill Maher is justification enough for murder. Believe it or not.
globaltourniquet, May 22 2001


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