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NYC foot ferry

Cheap and easy
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Manhattan is an island. The problem with driving to Manhattan is as soon as you get onto the island, it is ferociously congested, and there is nowhere to park. But it is not hard to drive _close_ to Manhattan - just across the rivers on both sides there are abandoned factories and other areas where it could be very cheap to park. The problem is then you have to get across a river. In many places the rivers really aren't that wide.

I propose that a cheap type of foot ferry be devised to help ease the commute into long island. These would be small boats that would go back and forth, just across the river. Owners of derelict factories in Queens etc could convert their properties into parking lots and run small foot ferries across the river.

To pre-empt [Dr Curry], I understand ferry boats to NYC are baked. However these all seem to be pretty large boats covering longer distances - eg from Hoboken. I understand water taxis are baked but the links I found show that the NYC water taxi is a sightseeing deal, not for commuters. The foot ferries would be cheap and utilitarian.

bungston, Jul 31 2003

Foot a and bicycle ferry http://kanava.etela...KuvaID=288&Versio=T
Cable pulled by hand to take bicycles and pedestrians across river somewhere in Finland [Pellepeloton, Oct 07 2006]


       There are two new-ish ferry lines here, NY Waterways and New York Water Taxi. Both have tourist as well as commuting services.   

       The former does East and West Midtown, World Financial Center, various New Jersey stops, Upper East Side and Hunters Point Queens, while the latter concentrates on connecting Brooklyn to Wall Street, World Financial Center, Chelsea and Midtown West.   

       I've used them both (but not for commuting) and they're pretty good.   

       It's not smart to drive to anywhere in Brooklyn, Queens or NJ to take a ferry into Manhattan: too much congestion. Take public transportation.
snarfyguy, Jul 31 2003

Nobody drives in NYC anymore. The traffic's too congested.
beauxeault, Jul 31 2003

       Catapult the people across the rivers, or maybe use a cannon.
SystemAdmin, Jul 31 2003


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