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Naked Ambition

movers and shakers pose (semi-)naked for charity
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This idea just came to me a while ago.

A calendar, sold to raise funds for some cause or charity (childrens' cancer or medical research or somesuch), and titled Naked Ambition. Each page would feature a media personality, business leader, star lawyer, football club owner, socialite or other VIP; someone who has been on the cover of a magazine and whose fortunes are on the rise. Only they would be posing naked. Possibly with strategically placed props (this should be fairly mild nudity), but naked enough to no longer look imposing or powerful, but very human and fallible.

The movers and shakers "sacrifice" some of their pride in the name of a good cause, and in return get some good PR for doing so.

acb, May 24 2001

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       Who would want to see "2 Jabs" Prescott and Ken Bates in the buff? Ughh!!!
CoolerKing, May 24 2001

       Baked. Buncha guys from a small town in Vermont did this. Best part was what they called it...The Full Vermonty.
dandr, Apr 03 2002

       For many people, the scheme would work better if, in return for the money, they promised *not* to pose naked...
Jeremi, Apr 03 2002


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