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Precrastination Calendar

why have the bother of putting things off?
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Why put off doing something, when you can procrastinate on the very act of procrastination!

Precrastination is the new name given to this once removed act of nonaction. It manifests itself in the form of a calendar app, into which you dutifully insert the various forward planning details. You then set the Precrastination variables. Now when the dreaded next day arrives that shows (for example - replace burnt out light bulbs on Christmas tree), you will find that Precrastination has simply shifted it forward in time, and replaced it with a suitably important reason for non-doing from its massive library of entirely justifiable excuses.

To add to its desire, points are awarded for the amount of incompleted tasks that are perpetually pushed into the future along the time line, all having been replaced with a record of more important events.

"Would you like to enter your Precrastination details now?" - Can I think about that tomorrow?

xenzag, Dec 19 2015


       Postponing that determination has been designated for a future date.
xenzag, Dec 19 2015

       This could work nicely as a printed calendar, that looks perfectly ordinary at a glance, but all of the dates are relative ("tomorrow," "next week" etc). Anything written on the calendar would never get done, ever.
mitxela, Dec 19 2015

       And here I thought this would be about doing things LONG before they actually needed to get done.
Vernon, Dec 19 2015

       // incompleted tasks that are perpetually pushed into the future along the time line //   

       I'd rather see them drop down the cliff when they have been postponed long enough, leaving no trace of their past urgency.
Toto Anders, Dec 19 2015

       Ill just download it tomorrow
evilpenguin, Dec 19 2015


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