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Naked Santa Xmas Tree

Party surprise tree
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Have a Christmas tree that pops open to reveal a naked santa - like one of those cakes that have naked dancing girls pop out of them. The tree will have to be bushy to hide naked santa's girth.
JesusHChrist, Dec 20 2005

(?) Why Jesus is better than Santa http://www.new-life.net/jcbetter.htm
[JesusHChrist, Dec 20 2005]


       I'm voting for irony--J. Christ leaving the Christ out of Christmas.
ldischler, Dec 20 2005

       A belly like a bowl full of jelly and a big, red (ahem) face.
fridge duck, Dec 20 2005

       Strong work, [JC].
bungston, Dec 20 2005

       Santa... bah humbug.
JesusHChrist, Dec 20 2005

       Apropos. An idea like this lies in the realm of the inevitable, who whouldn't want one?
daseva, Dec 16 2006

       and i get bones.
Stork, Dec 16 2006


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