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Plover Adaptation Phenomenon

Ploverism: The phenomenon is the device
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The plover demonstrates genetic or otherwise adaptive response to predation. The plover is a free bird in a predatory discursive context where illness, injuries, or sign indicators become the trigger for aggressive predatory reaction. The plover symbolizes the 'free-bird' in institutionalized natural order simulacra of sign and aggression predation. However, the great apes can use cunning against all tricks, even of natures own devices. The plover disregards all of this, feigning a strategic naivety inside natural order, where it is only natural to order now.

The birdwatcher will receive this finely reproduced beast, as an automaton, with feathers each of which contain a by-line. "Birds of a feather flock together", but your natural order plover does not respond to these either. Those are for the ethical egoist that the bird is to appeal to, whose name is carefully embroidered on each lovingly handcrafted feather.

Ex-plovers are something else.

rcarty, Dec 07 2014

e http://trendslator....FutureNavigator.jpg
Research completed. [rcarty, Dec 08 2014]


       Have you been reading a lot of philosophy in translation, rcarty? German philosophy?
bungston, Dec 07 2014

       I like to read project gutenberg is that german philosophy?
rcarty, Dec 07 2014

       I just watched the Chargers / Patriots game with German translation - does that help any?
normzone, Dec 08 2014

       Not in puppet land you didn't.
rcarty, Dec 08 2014

       I have a good recipe for plovers if anyone's interested. Someone ought to get something worthwhile out of this.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 08 2014

       Puppet land in diagramtic form looks much like someone holding a puppet with a lever, bu the puppets are words, so its about who controls them and in what way they can be arranged.   

       Puppetry mechanics is one of the most advanced fields of recent contemplation given new puppet domains. The old puppet domains were educationalists or some other actuality level transmorgrification of kind.
rcarty, Dec 08 2014

       Hallucinatory thought is as innocent as writing a statement and seeing the words move from one line commander to another and seeing how they interact on a logical interpretive level.
rcarty, Dec 08 2014

       [rcarty], you need to either start or stop taking the tablets.   

       Either that, or we should at least get a case study out of all this.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 08 2014

       That's when the blasted ones went off before their expiry date.
rcarty, Dec 08 2014

       I can never tell with whom or what [rcarty] is attempting to communicate.
tatterdemalion, Dec 08 2014

       What's the problem? You are not seeing? Too noisy? Not voice based? Not ethical ego normative statements?
rcarty, Dec 08 2014

       Leave Norm out of this. He's a nice gentle person, and does nobody any harm.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 10 2014

       //with whom or what [rcarty] is attempting to communicate//   

       I have a theory about the "what" part. If it's wrong, I hope that it's wrong on many levels, so that [rcarty] himself can play propositional jenga with it.   

       Anyway, here's the theory: The community of ideas to which [rcarty] belongs is not supposed to have foundational texts but, in practice, it does, and one of the foundational texts it's not supposed to have is Deleuze and Guattari's "Anti Oedipus" (1972). For example, if you've ever wondered about [rcarty]'s bizarre use of "fascist", that's probably where it comes from.   

       To read this book is quite hard work - it's more than 400 pages in a style a bit like [rcarty]'s - but, if you do, it takes you back to the dawn of PoMo, when they still had traces of a positive agenda and didn't just sit around sharpening the "eek" of critique. And the essence of this positive agenda was that everyone could and should be cured of ... systematic, logical thinking, which, like [rcarty], they regarded as tantamount to fascism.   

       The essence of this cure was, essentially, relentless frame-breaking. It's analogous to the scenes in Hofstadter's "Goedel, Escher, Bach", involving a tortoise and a gramophone, only not so entertaining or well explained.   

       So, what [rcarty] is hoping is that, if he can be anti-logical enough for long enough, then one day he will break through our dull, bourgeois sensibilities, inducing so much cognitive dissonance that we will cry, hug each other and share an enormous joint. It's for all of us, for our own good.   

       It's rather as if [rcarty] were a Charismatic Christian, coming here day in, day out, to annotate in tongues, in the hope that thereby the Holy Spirit would come into our lives and make the world a better place.   

       It's a sweet intention. I just don't like its chances of success.
pertinax, Dec 12 2014

       That's not what I'm thinking. That is what you're thinking about.
rcarty, Dec 12 2014

       //systematic, logical thinking, which, like [rcarty], they regarded as tantamount to fascism.//   

       That is ridiculous. Garden rakes, pound coins and dust all eschew systematic, logical thinking. Why does [rcarty] want us to do the same?   

       I suspect that [rc] is attempting no such thing, but is just playing some personal game, which is fair enough.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 12 2014

       [Marked-For-Deletion] No idea.
MechE, Dec 12 2014

       It's an idea I had. Shine the white light in my face and ask me the meaning of that message again. If someone can read like [pertinax] they can read it without [pertinax] or any of your interpretations. If someone can't read it, then they can listen to whoever they want, but its better to use your own mind at all times. this is the white light you idiots, because i can;t see who you are and it's possibly 1 or 100 people or more or maybe even less (a simulation) I'm not talking to a ravenous crowd with pieces of meat in their teeth like that.
rcarty, Dec 12 2014

       The "idea" stripped of random verbiage appears to be make a wind up (or robotic) bird statue. There is nothing new about that, either in concept or in execution.   

       Hence, no idea, or baked, take your pick.
MechE, Dec 12 2014

       you can't do fuck all to delete this idea.
rcarty, Dec 12 2014

       Eat vegetables.
rcarty, Dec 12 2014

       Fold a doughnut.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 12 2014

       //That's not what I'm thinking. //   

       OK, [rcarty], just my best guess.   

       //Eat vegetables.//   

       Good advice, thank you. I'll be doing some of that in a minute.   

       //That is ridiculous. // True, [MaxwellBuchanan], but the book was, nevertheless, very influential, and remains so to this day - often on people who haven't actually read it but have adopted, for example, its definition of fascism. I have a theory about why, if you're curious, though this idea may not be the best place to discuss that.
pertinax, Dec 13 2014


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