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Nap Alarm Clock

for those times you need a nap
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Perhaps this is already a baked idea, but I would love to have an alarm clock that allows you to set a time, perhaps in half hour intervals, that you want to take a nap. Just a simple button, kind of like the SLEEP button on most alarm clocks, but rather than play music for the amount of time specified it will turn the music on after set amount of time. This is much easier than resetting the alarm for an hour ahead, and won't make for the "oops, I forgot to reset the alarm for when I really have to wake up for work" syndrome.
Qualiall, Dec 26 2000

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       I could really use one of these!
sonawane, Aug 06 2008

       You don't want a CLOCK, you want a TIMER. (Lots of examples can be found at any cooking store.)
ufreq, Aug 06 2008

       I have an RCA alarm clock that already has this feature.   

       I don't use it, except when I hit the blasted button while trying to set a regular alarm. The button's too close to others, and there seems to be no way to cancel it.
shadenfroh, Aug 07 2008

       1. A 3 hour kitchen timer ? Where to buy?   

       2. Warning: Some radio stations are Easy listening in the morning and machine shop rock and roll in the afternoon. ( Music loud enough to be heard over shop noises.)
popbottle, Jun 02 2013


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