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Napster for Recipes

Global Peer-to-Peer Recipe Trading Network
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Gab and swap with fellow food fanciers. Would be a heck of a lot easier than pouring through those godforsaken bound paper recipe tomes.
dgeiser13, Feb 23 2001

(?) rec.food.recipes, ready to search at what used to be Deja.com http://groups.googl...up=rec.food.recipes
[beauxeault, Feb 23 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) Searchable Online Archive of Recipes (SOAR) http://soar.berkeley.edu/recipes/
Over 70,000 recipes. [sirrobin, Feb 23 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) Recipe Exchange. http://www.recipexc...fmfiles/recipes.cfm
[StarChaser, Feb 23 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

SOAR's new address http://www.recipesource.com/
move from berkeley [gardnertoo, Jun 18 2005]


       Baked. Search Deja.com (soon to be renamed, as it has been bought by google) for the recipe you want. Narrow your search to the rec.food.recipes newsgroup.
beauxeault, Feb 23 2001

       While there doesn't seem to be a peer-to-peer recipe swapping network there are some very good archives of recipes to which you can submit your own.

Trouble could arise if cookbook publishers find out that people are typing up recipes from their books and sharing them for free. Forget about MP3, the next big legal battle could well be fought over .TXT
sirrobin, Feb 23 2001

       But the people who say "I'm not charging money, so it doesn't count" would sound properly stupid.
bookworm, Feb 24 2001

       What a novel idea - Napster for recipes...   

       HEY! Napster for recipes already exists! It's called ERMster. Check it out at www.foryourinfotech.com.
fyit, May 30 2001

       Sirrobin, SOAR is awesome! Thanks for the link. I have gotten a lot of recipes off of it already.   

       Does anyone know what the .rec suffix is. (I imagine it is for recipes) but are browser supposed to read this different than an html or txt page or something?
Op, May 30 2001

       fyit: so basically what you are saying is you stole my idea and are trying to make $20 a pop off the software which implements my stolen idea?   

       op: .rec is for recreation. It's a Usenet prefix.
dgeiser13, May 31 2001

       I didn't steal your idea, and I'm not charging $20 a pop for ERMster. ERMster is 100% freeware. My company also sells the Electronic Recipe Manager , but it is a stand-alone product. I give a fully functional (limited edition) version of ERM away for free. If you want the full version of the ERM, that costs money (and it's cheaper than most recipe managment packages out there).   

       ERMster is a separate program that provides a way to freely distribute and search for recipes across users on the ERMster network. ERMster is free for everyone. Your idea wasn't stolen, ERMster was developed before you ever posted this page. You should do research before accusing someone of such things.   

       Also, didn't you get your idea from Napster?   

       - FYIT
fyit, Aug 01 2001, last modified Aug 02 2001

       I long for the days when people understood the concept of irony.
dgeiser13, Aug 02 2001

       Nobody ironys anymore, its all permanent depressed.
gardnertoo, Jun 18 2005


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