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Nasal/Nose Hygiene and Nose Picking

Move all of the proboscis talk to one category.
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Perhaps I am the only person who has noticed this but there seems to be a fair amount of nose picking / nasal hygiene talk on Halfbakery. Perhaps it would do well with it's own category?
dgeiser13, May 30 2001

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       Good point. I made a Health: Nose Picking category; there isn't yet enough other nose stuff to get its own section; maybe later.
jutta, May 31 2001

       Thanks, Jutta! I was thinking more of Health: Nasal Hygiene as an all encompassing category though. Oh, well. :-)
dgeiser13, May 31 2001

       I am severely disturbed that Nose Picking is next to Nutrition on the category list.
dgeiser13, May 31 2001


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