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Honorary HalfBaker Award

A category for recognition of HalfBaked things outside this web site
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The name of the category might be Halfbakery:Honorary Members

And I nominate this guy (link) for the first to be a recipient. I think we all might agree that that was a really HalfBaked Idea, at least until he went ahead and actually Baked it.

Other nominees/recipients should be posted as individual items in the Category. If the Category is created, I'll move this nomination into it as a separate posting. Voting would determine status with respect to qualifying as a recipient; if there are more buns than fishbones, then the nominee qualifies as an Honorary Member.

Vernon, Aug 01 2016

Skydiving without a parachute http://www.independ...ornia-a7164716.html
As mentioned in the main text. [Vernon, Aug 01 2016]

Darwin Awards http://www.darwinawards.com/darwin/
more like it... [po, Aug 03 2016]


       Glutton free ? errh Gluten free ?
popbottle, Aug 01 2016

       I think the standard should be higher than "more buns than fishbones". Some pretty mediocre ideas meet that standard. I also think the person should be sent a physical plaque.
Voice, Aug 01 2016

       There are already the ignoble awards which greatly reward halfbaked ideas.
xenzag, Aug 02 2016

       "Honorary?" As in conferring honor?
bungston, Aug 02 2016

       How is skydiving into a net, halfbaked ?
FlyingToaster, Aug 02 2016

       //How is skydiving into a net, halfbaked?//   

       It was an unproven idea. The very definition of halfbaked right up until it wasn't anymore. If someone had posted the idea here as a stunt it would have drawn all sorts of conjectures and divisions on whether it was possible or not.   

       The real question is;
Would they even care to belong to any club that would have them as a member?...

       We don't have to tell anyone accepted as an Honorary Member that that has happened. This IS the HalfBakery, after all!
Vernon, Aug 03 2016


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