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Jokey Items & Novelties category

for silly stuff like DVD Rewinders
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or "scotch tape rolls that don't have a start" or "Music CD's where the sound of a phone ringing is inserted at one point in the background" or "solo piano sonatas - Music Minus One".

The only joke category I found here is product:cigarette:joke. I don't get it.

phundug, Jan 15 2004

(?) Blurry Eyechart http://www.cafepres...siveindigo.22621163
at cafepress. [jutta, Sep 07 2006]


       Lemme get my novelty "you are here" map.
Letsbuildafort, Jan 15 2004

       that is a great idea! it may encourage people to make more things for this category. :)
babyhawk, Jan 15 2004

       jutta: actually, is there a particular reason things can't be in more then one category? there are situations where that may be useful
theircompetitor, Jan 15 2004

       I had another idea the other day: an eye chart which is printed slightly blurry.
phundug, Jun 16 2006

       Or another one: A thermos with a "hot/cold" switch on the side.
phundug, Sep 07 2006

       //an eye chart which is printed slightly blurry//
Reminds me of: " You need bloody good eye-sight to see through my glasses".
Ling, Sep 07 2006


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