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National Fireworks

Lower Earth Orbit Fireworks
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Launch fireworks into a lower Earth orbit in such a way that they are designed to re-enter at the time and general place where they will be seen.

Everyone will have a good view and see it at the same time.

They could even be placed in orbit by a shuttle.

They can be deployed at any time for any country in less than a day before any celebration.

sartep, May 01 2003

Then again, you could just use the space shuttle itself http://chemphys.phy...ext/challenger1.jpg
Uh, sorry... [DrCurry, Oct 05 2004]

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       Nice ! Assuming it's occuring very high in the atmos... it would have to be a combustion of a different kind.. and part of the fun of Fireworks is the Loud BOOM !! (which if present at all) would occur considerably AFTER viewing the fireworks (perhaps tens of minutes, depending on distance).   

       We need to have synchronized BOOM effects implanted on a local level...
mahatma, May 02 2003

       Or maybe finally the fireworks won't drown out the music of the orchestra.   

       Syncronised boom is good to, or techno booms and beats.
sartep, May 02 2003

       Or maybe this would KILL US ALL. Ack.
thecat, May 02 2003

       Yeah I agree, I don't think the nuclear fireworks are very safe even though they would be larger.
sartep, May 02 2003

       "And now, the finale of our 'Shock and Awe' display, the Daisy Cutter!"   

       Maybe just a fireworks tube that creates a harmless mushroom cloud...
RayfordSteele, May 03 2003

       From the title, I thought you were suggesting that each country have a National Firework, like a National Anthem - Italy, for example, would (obviously) have the Roman Candle. I'd think of others, but I have a headache.
friendlyfire, May 03 2003

       Thanks to ack and krelnik. I intend to follow some and break some of the mostly very good rules listed. I did do some lurking first (only proper), but by and far I am a "leaper".   

       Hope I only make a few egrious newbie mistakes. I also hereby promise I'll get a highly original LOL till ya wet yourself idea & one that isn't but can be pretty easily baked -- sometime in this millenium. Till then ... love ya, thecat!
thecat, May 03 2003

       I'm pretty much a newbie here too, but welcome to the site, thecat.
sartep, May 04 2003

       Thanks sartep!
thecat, May 06 2003


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