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Psychoactive Fireworks

"Oooooh" enhanced
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Guy Fawkes night is looming, and that means that we English are gearing up for some serious fireworks action to celebrate someone nearly blowing up parliament (or is that the fact that he didn't...).

Why not turn your finale into one of the most spectacular technicolour displays ever, by the addition of some liquid hallucinogenic drugs in the first couple of shells. Dispersed over the audience as a light mist and ingested through the skin, this would add an extra je ne sais quoi right about the end of an hour-long show.

Afterwards, we could all stand around the bonfire and talk gibberish late into the night.

wagster, Oct 10 2004

Guy who? http://www.britanni...story/g-fawkes.html
Oh, that Guy. [half, Oct 10 2004]


       Guy Fawkes night is great, mainly because everyone has their own take on what it's about. I personally like to think that we're letting off fireworks in tribute to his wanting to stick it to the government, but to others, fireworks night symbolises the burning of Britain's most infamous traitor.
spiritualized, Oct 10 2004

       Sorry, some of us don't need assistance to dream up psychedelic imagery. Fishbone.
DrCurry, Oct 10 2004

       "Oooooh"...hungry now. Pastry.
vigilante, Oct 11 2004

       Would it work? If I filled a firework with liquid acid (say) and sent it up, I doubt any of the active content would end up on the spectators, and even if it did the idea of takign it in through skin sounds dodgy to me. Bone.
ivanhoe, Oct 11 2004

       Then perhaps a ruse is in order.
Step one: Bill your event as featuring "The Brightest Fireworks On Earth" (note, in circumstances such as advertising outdoor events, there is no such thing as Unnecessary Capitalisation).
Step two: Once the punters arrive (and arrive they will), provide them with special "Tinted Viewing Glasses", ostensibly the avoid damaging their litigiously protected vision, but really, well, they're cheapo tinted swimming goggles, bought in a job lot down the market, the foam pads of which are literally seeping wet with a heady home made preparation of lysergic acid, Mandrax and, yes, aloe vera. Presto! Your customers see the finest light show never mustered by two five quid boxes of fireworks from your local corner shop.

       Also, any kids that attend will probably become avid swimmers.
calum, Oct 11 2004

       [ivanhoe] - LSD is highly potent, and absorbs well through the skin - dipping your finger in a bottle will send you on a weekend break to LaLaLand. A pint should deal with a crowd of a few hundred assuming that you could get it to disperse directly over them and there is no wind to blow it off course. There is the additional problem that LSD is quite delicate and breaks down when heated. So....   

       A three stage cylindrical rocket. Stage one, solid propellant, enough to take it up maybe 100m. Stage two, a starburst/golden rain type effect (could be dispensed with, but if we're sending a rocket up, why not?). Stage three, separated from stage two by heat resistant padding, a pressurised bottle of LSD weakened at one point with a tiny charge attached. The charge will generate negligable heat but will crack the bottle, and the explosion due to the pressure will disperse the LSD as a cool mist.   

       If windy buy swimming goggles.
wagster, Oct 11 2004

       Not quite sure why you'd need fireworks and acid. Surely one or the other would suffice?
lyserge, Oct 11 2004

       ...well there's someone who hasn't had both yet..
Mr Burns, Oct 12 2004

       Can I croissant [calum]'s annotation? Bravo, man!
absterge, Oct 12 2004

       Remember, remember the fifth of November: LSD, Heroin and Pot.
Saruman, Jan 13 2007


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