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National Rollerball League

Man, this would be sweet!
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For anyone who has seen the movie "Rollerball" (the remake), they know that a sport like that could never make to the big time. Or, could it? This following idea is purely fake.

In 20 years from now, hockey itself as we know it will be dead. The National Hockey League (NHL) will be bankrupt. But, a light shines at the end of the NHL's dark tunnel. The possibility of a new sport, rougher and more fast-paced than hockey, that they can make money off of. Yes, it seems so realistic. The National Rollerball League will begin it's 2022 season by an opening speech by League commishionner Ray Bourque. Then, the Washington Pepsi-Capitals and the Florida-Microsoft Panthers will wail at each other, simply for the sake of nailing an iron palte with a steel ball. Capitals captain James Moore will die in an unfourtunate biking accident. But no one will give a damn. That's what Rollerball's all about, right?

HomerX, Sep 24 2002


       I dunno - I chucked "Man, this would be sweet!" into Babelfish and it came back with the word "WTCTTISITMWIBNIIWR". What can it mean? [marked-for-deletion]
namaste, Sep 24 2002

       //This following idea is purely fake.// Come on now, we all know that you can only post real ideas here.
Mr Burns, Sep 24 2002

       Actually this is not quite a "WTCTTISITMWIBNIIWR" as I've seen rollerball being played as a sport with the proper doughnut-shaped rink and everything (but less death) on a late-night US TV channel. Well, when I say 'sport', I don't think the bikini-clad young women who were playing were taking it very seriously, but anyway...
<namedrop>I went to school with the son of the guy who played the coach in Rollerball</namedrop>
hippo, Sep 24 2002

       Yeah, I don't think you'll have to wait twenty years for the NHL to go broke. Try twenty months.
WordUp, Jun 11 2004


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