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Pirate Ship Golf

Fore! Aft! Starboard, ye landlubbers!
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Ah the game of golf, nothing could make it more interesting than, well, anything!

Sort of a cross between golf, billiards, and pirates, the aim of the game is to get the ball into the hole. The problem is, you are playing it on the tilting, rolling deck of a pirate ship.


All players are playing at the same time. You want to be the first to get your ball into one of the holes. There are six, like a billiards table.

Contact between players is allowed. You are a group of pirates. That means that you will do anything and everything to win, which means that you are allowed to hit other players with your club. For this reason, you must wear pirate approved safety equipment.

Contact with another players ball is also allowed. Beware, if you knock their ball clear off the ship or out of the playing deck (IE: over the safety net, see rule below), you are not allowed to do anything for 10 seconds while that other player gets a new ball.

To keep the balls from escaping, there is a net around the playing field, much like ones from a paintball field. If you manage to hit your ball over the net, you must get a new one and wait five seconds. If you hit someone else's ball out, see the rule above. The five second waiting penalty is not called if an opponent knocks your ball out.

What will be your strategy? Will you fence with your opponents and knock them down with your amazing skill? Will you leap headfirst into the brawl, relying of pure strength? Or will you sneak by, hoping to escape unnoticed?

Pirate costumes MANDATORY.

DesertFox, Dec 05 2005


       Yes, yes, great, uh-huh, good...   

       COSTUMES OPTIONAL?! Get thee hence, foul spawn of satan!
5th Earth, Dec 06 2005

       As [5th Earth] said...   

       but basically, this is a pirate-themed full- contact team-golf. Right?
Trickytracks, Dec 06 2005

       Shiver me timbers ... and fetch me Black Beard's 9 iron.   

       Make that "Pirate costumes MANDATORY."
Letsbuildafort, Dec 06 2005

       Yes, as [TrickyTacks] said!   

       EDIT: Pirate costumes now mandatory
DesertFox, Dec 06 2005

       Good call, Foxy!
Letsbuildafort, Dec 06 2005

       Oh yeah, [TrickyTacks] I guess you could do teams, though I was thinking Free-for-All mainly.
DesertFox, Dec 06 2005

       //you must wear pirate approved safety equipment//
Erm...eyepatch and bandana?
DocBrown, Dec 06 2005

       Free-for-all... I like that... but then again, you're talking to someone who doesn't care for sports, but thinks that any sport is better with the words "full contact" before it...
Trickytracks, Dec 06 2005

       This would surely end up taking the place of ship-to-ship combat:   

       "Yarr, I challenge ye to a game of Pirate Golf, filthy landlubber" "Fair enough, but it be ye who be the landlubber...Now fetch me the trusty old 3 Wood, Jim..."
Mr Phase, Dec 06 2005

       "Knock me ball into the sea, will ye? I be takin' me ground-rule mulligan now, yar..."
shapu, Dec 07 2005

       //which means that you are allowed to hit other players with your club//   

       That reminds me of a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon -Hobbes mentions that croquet is a gentleman's game. Calvin glances at the croquet mallet in his hands and replies, "That's hard to believe. I've played before, and I can tell you the temptation to misuse these is awful."
Zimmy, Dec 07 2005


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