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National holidays

Make 'em all land on Mondays
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Why not make all holidays land on Monday, so we can have that long weekend. The very idea of going to work for a day or two, getting a day off a day, then going back for a day or two is stupid.
r@fink, Sep 17 2001


       Because they're specific days, not 'whenever you feel like it'.
StarChaser, Sep 17 2001

       I don't see why if Easter can be chosen by some seemingly random but actually intricate arcane ritual (I'm sure there's divination by chicken intestines involved in there somewhere) we can't just choose Mondays (or Fridays, for that matter) arbitrarily and invent some justification for it. It *would* be a bit of a bastard if Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day were all on Monday though (the same Monday or consecutive Mondays?), so I think you should allow for consecutive holiday periods to run as long or extra-long weekends.   

       Mind you, I still won't be working on January the First, whatever day it is.
Guy Fox, Sep 18 2001

       With the exception of Christmas, New Year and Good Friday, all permanent public holidays in England *are* on Mondays.
Additionally, my wife (who works in the NHS) gets four additional days which are tagged onto existing long weekends, making them longer still. Certain civil servants also get Maundy Thursday as a holiday.
angel, Sep 18 2001

       Indeed. English bank holidays are cleverly named to give little indication as to exactly when they ought to fall. "August Bank Holiday" narrows the day off to a Monday during August, but in practice always seems to be the last one. "Spring Bank Holiday" is even less specific, but appears somewhere towards the end of May. "May Day" is the only misnomer, as it rarely falls on the first of May.

As far as I know, Scottish holidays are similar, except they get January 2nd off too, in order to help them recover from Hogmanay.
Lemon, Sep 18 2001

       Indeed. Actually, we've all got the "September Weekend" coming up this Friday-Monday (we skip the August Bank Holiday that England gets). Wahey!   

       Oh, and yes - As Lemon says. I won't be working January 2nd either, whatever day it is.
Guy Fox, Sep 18 2001

       Tuesdays are the new Mondays ?
popbottle, Mar 19 2017


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