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Natural slow-wake alarm clock.

Alarm clock simulates sunrise by slowly lighting up.
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One of the things I hate most in life is getting up in the mornings, one of the reasons is that the alarm clock goes of suddenly and rudely. I use one on my cell phone which lets out a soft "beep" and consecutively louder ones. I still don't want to get up as it's still dark and I hate work (need an idea for that one though).

While slowly and unwillingly creeping towards the bathroom to take a shower this morning, through the pain from the sudden influx of light into my still dilated retina's, I had this idea:

A light that slowly light's up in the morning. It'll take about half an hour to fully light up, when it starts up it would be barely perceivable at first and then light up to a full 100w to get you nice and awake. You can set your traditional alarm to go off when the light is completely lit. That way your system can get used to the idea of the impending wake-state(if that's even a real term), and possibly get ready by finishing up the dream you had or whatever, your eyes would be used to the light and it might make waking up less painful.

It could be a lamp or you could hook it up to the light of your room?

The Duke, Mar 20 2008

Soleil Sunrise Alarm Clock, Dawn Simulator http://www.amazon.c...lator/dp/B0002TISOE
nice idea - that's why it already exists in many forms - here's just one example [xenzag, Mar 20 2008]

Sky-like Sunshine Prism Clock Sky-like_20Sunshine_20Prism_20Clock
[phoenix, Mar 20 2008]

Sunlight Alarm Clock Sunlight_20Alarm_20Clock
[phoenix, Mar 20 2008]

light alarm clocks http://www.sleepwel...larm-clocks-s/5.htm
many different types of alarm clock here [ericscottf, Mar 20 2008]


       actually your idea is right on.   

       In your brain you have a section that is called the penial body (it kinda looks like a peanut) and it controls your internal clock. when it gets dark it releases (amoung other things) melatonin (one of your sleep neurotransmitters) and when it becomes lighter you release corticotropin in your melanocytes which makes you arise.   

       slow light change stimulous is definately the most natural way to wake in the morning.
twinkletoes1218, Mar 20 2008

       These clocks are plenty Baked. You can also get a clock (more like a wristwatch, actually) that monitors your sleep patterns, and only wakes you when you're naturally nearly awake.
DrCurry, Mar 20 2008

       dr: I have that (sleeptracker) watch, it is terrible. It is actually just an accelerometer, and it decides that you are "almost awake" whenever it is moving. I frequently wake up without it going off, then when i go to take it off, it starts beeping. rubbish!   

       The post, however, was about light based wakeup solutions. X10 does this, it has an alarm clock module you can set to turn on lights, but it will turn them on suddenly.   

       There are several slow-to-brighten alarmclocks at the link i posted.
ericscottf, Mar 20 2008

       As several people have pointed out, this is thoroughly baked. Use Google to avoid similar embarrassment in future.   

       Also Sp.: lights, retinas.   

       Also [Twinkletroll] Sp.: pineal, kind of, among, corticotrophin, stimulus, definitely.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 20 2008


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