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Natural smelling artificial fertilizer

For those who like that particular smell
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I have a classmate who is a famous professor these days, that 45 years ago used to lecture us city dwellers that the smell of natural fertilizer spread in the fiedls of the Kibbutz was the best smell in the world.

He never convinced me, but there might still be a need.

pashute, Feb 10 2021

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       "No shit, Sherlock ..."
8th of 7, Feb 10 2021

       //the smell of natural fertilizer spread in the fiedls of the Kibbutz was the best smell in the world.//

In my youth, we often went to visit my Nan who lived waaaay out in the countryside. I hated going to the countryside. Everything smelled of shit.

Just thought I'd share that.
DrBob, Feb 10 2021

       A number of years ago I took advantage of the City's compost distribution program, and picked up about half a yard of compost. It smelled like human excrement. I put it into a lidded container for a week and the smell went away.
FlyingToaster, Feb 10 2021

       in no way did you explain how you would bring this about. I think a lot of the chemical fertilizers smell much worse than natural ones.   

       I must admit though, in the spring when this local farm puts the manure on the cornfield, it’s almost hard to drive by there for a week! So still I don’t understand how your product works!
xandram, Feb 10 2021

       How about a different smell that would attract people instead of repelling them? Fresh peaches, for example, have a delightful aroma, and perhaps most importantly they don't smell like shit.
whatrock, Feb 10 2021

       Shit is loverley. Mmmm breathe deep. It clears out your passerges sure it do.
pocmloc, Feb 10 2021

       I think my idea hit the fan.
pashute, Feb 14 2021

       If it's any consolation the smell of grain silage transports me instantly back to the age of three when I first smelled it.   

       There is a mint farm I drive by sometimes. At the right time of year, the mint farmers harvest all the mint and the by- product of this is a parking-lot-sized mound of mint clippings and soil. It's fertilizer, but it smells like mint. It smells like mint for miles around.
sninctown, Feb 14 2021

       No doubt some beardie-weirdie ecofascist will complain about the air being polluted by the smell ...
8th of 7, Feb 14 2021


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